Max Has Chicken Pox

Unfortunately, Max has Chicken Pox, so blogging will be down to a minimum, as he’s off preschool until he’s completely clear.

From Max:

Hello everyone! I’m OK.

Then he went back to eating mango.

Poor Little Yum-Yum is demanding so much of my attention, I will have to catch up with reading your posts either in short bursts, or in a few days time – depending on which I can squeeze in.

Take care.

Love Persia and Max. ❤

Dinner Time

Max believes he should do as the grown ups do, so demanded a glass with dinner. Under normal circumstances, he would drink from a sippy cup or a plastic beaker. Not on this occasion.


With an eagle eye being kept on him, Nanny found the perfect size wine glass for him, which as you can see, he was very pleased with.

At this point, mummy would like to point out that this is not wine! It is actual fact Schloer, a non alcoholic sparking juice drink.


Even whilst eating, Max makes it clear he is a Thomas and Friends fan!

At least he’s eating his broccoli. 😀