A Gift

20180421_095802 (629x640)

During the Easter break, Little Yum-Yum and I were unwell, so we didn’t get up to much. He was unwell for a few days, whilst I was for the duration. I tried to make it fun for him, but with little success.

It’s just the two of us, so when he told me I didn’t spend enough time with him, I felt really bad. However, a thought came to mind … what if I bought him¬†a gift? *Cackle*. Surely that would make up for at least some of the lost time?

I came across this remote control car and he loves it! I told him I was sorry that we didn’t do many activities as we would normally, but he was too distracted with his new toy. I think I just about got away with it this time!

Land of the Dinosaurs

20180212_164541 (640x480)

Well, not quite, thankfully! Little Yum-Yum has a collection of dinosaurs which were purchased when we visited The Natural History Museum.

20180212_165446 (640x480)

The Dinosaur Adventure Set came with 23 miniature dinosaurs and a map. However, this was not enough for Master Maximus, so he also got the big versions of

20180212_165500 (510x640)

a triceratops and

20180212_165521 (551x640)

a Tyrannosaurus Rex, his favourite.

Could you imagine these creatures still roaming the Earth?

Superhero Day

20180207_100323 (640x323)

Today is Superhero Day! Little Yum-Yum has gone to school dressed as his favourite superhero, Spider-Man! No, wait … Spider-Max!

20171226_124335 (372x640)

I’ve spoken with some of the other children and asked what Superhero they are going to be. I get more grins than I do answers! They are so excited!

20180207_111908 (482x640)

It’s also ‘Show & Tell’ day, so Max will be bringing along his Spider-Man toy.

20180209_082521 (480x640)

Spider-Max ready for school. I didn’t have the usual battle trying to get him out of bed this morning … I wonder why?

Dear Santa

20171220_194544 (1180x885)

Little Yum-Yum has known for quite some time what he wants for Christmas, so he wrote a list asking Santa for them.

Did anyone else notice the PO Box HoHoHo?

20171220_200220 (875x1180)

I must say, he does not tidy his room every day, but maybe Santa missed this fact.

A (toy) skip truck, a (toy) recycling truck, a blue car and a Spider-Man toy. Apart from the blue car, I purchased these items for him a little while ago. When we have conversations, I make note of what likes and wants; it makes the present buying process easy, rather than trying to scramble last minute, trying to figure it out.

We already have the cookies for Santa. I don’t think he’ll appreciate rice milk, so I’ll have to get another type (Santa doesn’t have a round belly from being on a diet!), as well as picking up some carrots for Rudolph and the other reindeers.

Best Advent Calendar Ever

20171221_085655 (1180x789)

Last year’s advent calendar was a piece of chocolate per day, so this year I decided to get Little Yum-Yum one he would be more excited about; Hot Wheels. Believe me, he was not disappointed!

20171221_111739 (1180x849)

Cars, reindeers, a sleigh, a Christmas tree, a snowman, stickers – this calendar has Maximus super excited. He loves the cars, and already has many others. His collection is growing!