Paint Your Own Apron

20171026_150328 (408x640)

Max wanted to another apron, so Nanny gave him one, but he had to design it himself.

20171026_150506 (480x640)

Using left over paint from his Toucan Boxes (see here and here), Max started with his favourite colour, red.

20171026_151617 (480x640)

He asked his aunt Tammy to help out.

First, the mess was minimal;

20171026_155707 (480x640)

then both thought it would be a good idea to see who could get the most paint, so started to use their fingers/hands!

20171026_201639 (429x640)

Finished! Personalised too.


An Alligator Walking Down the Street?

20171104_141151 (480x640)

Have you ever seen an alligator walking down the street, wearing wellington boots and a jacket?

20171104_141208 (480x640)

I’m guessing not, but there’s a first time for everything!

Little Yum-Yum never fails to make me laugh. A very entertaining little boy.

Mum’s the Word

20171114_131831 (632x640)

When a little puppy tries to find the word that feels like a cuddle and is as warm as a good night kiss, he discovers the word is… Mum!

A heartwarming story about the beautiful relationship between mother and child.

My review:

Just when I think I’ve discovered all the cutest stories possible, I come across this book. Another rhyming one, but this time about a puppy who could not quite remember the word he was thinking of. Sometimes, one does not realise the word ‘Mum’ can mean so much! A wonderful story, that Max and I will enjoy at bedtime.

Remembrance Day

20171110_155908 (480x640)

Little Yum-Yum made this poppy in school last week.

The same morning, he had asked for the paper poppy I was wearing, as he stood in line waiting for the school bell. After I had given it to him, the teachers came out to bring the children to their classrooms.

One of his teacher’s spotted that he had the poppy. She stooped down beside Max and the conversation went like this:

Teacher: “I’m glad you brought this in today. Do you know what it is?”

Max: “A poppy!”

Teacher: “That’s right. Do you know what it’s for?”

Max: “It’s for all the brave soldiers who died (for our freedom).”

Teacher: “You know a lot about it, don’t you?”

Max: “Yes!”

How many proud moments can this mummy have?

20171110_155936_LI (640x267)

I received a copy of the newsletter from Max’s school last Friday, and saw this.

Max would like to say a big “Thank You” to all the brave men and women, past and present for their service.