The Bravest Ever Bear

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Once upon a time there was a bear … and a penguin … and a perfectest ever princess, a wolf, a troll, a dragon and a … sausage. A sausage? Yes, a sausage! And they all want to tell you their stories!

My review:

This book is just a bunch of crazy! It is so hectic, it left my head in a spin. I believe it was perhaps supposed to be a bit like The Great Nursery Rhyme Disaster – only just not as good. The book will have to be read in two parts as it is way too long to maintain the attention span of a toddler.

Teddy Got a Wash!

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Teddy has gotten up to many things; he has flown, ended up on the airport floor, has gone shopping with us and ended up on the ground, likewise with taking him to the park – he was dirty! And started to smell really bad too.

It has been over a year since Max’s beloved Teddy has been washed, and boy did he need it! I was finally given permission over the weekend, but Max kept a watchful eye throughout the machine cycle, as well as when Teddy was hung out to dry.

Does anyone remember ever being so attached to a teddy/doll/blanket?

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Beloved Teddy

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As you may already know, Max will not part with his beloved Teddy (see several links below) – even in his sleep.

On this occasion, he got up, whilst still asleep, picked up Teddy, lay back down and placed him on his head. Just like you see in the picture.

When he returns home from pre-school, he tells mummy how much he missed Teddy, and in turn, tells Teddy the same too.

Not sure when he will grow out of this, but it is nice to see the innocence of a child’s actions. It makes the world beautiful again. ❤

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