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Not so long ago, Little Yum-Yum revealed his new favourite superhero is Spider-Man. He also requested a Spider-Man toy from Santa, but received this costume instead! Yes folks, I am the proud mother of this little superhero!

An ideal choice for little Marvel fans, this Spider-Man costume from Marvel is sure to delight. The fancy dress costume features a padded all-in-one to create a muscular effect with light-up details and a hat to complete the look. ~ Tesco Direct

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On the sleeve, there is a little light thingy (I’m laughing at myself because I don’t know what it’s called). Once pressed, aim in the dark onto a wall…

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It’s Spider-Max’s signal!

The other day, I watched the Amazing Spider-Man 2. The end scene reminded me of Max. When I spoke to him about the little boy at the end, he said he still wanted to be an astronaut, but that he wanted to be Spider-Man too. However, he was unable to be the latter because he didn’t have a costume and he didn’t think he’d be good at it. It broke my heart. I told Little Yum-Yum he could be anything he wanted to be – including his superhero.

After the chat, I was still uneasy that he felt the way he did, so I found this clip and showed it to him a couple of times. We watched it from 1:00 to 2:22 which was the only part he needed to see. The costume and this clip changed his mind; he is Spider-Man.

To Maximus from Mummy:

Yes, you are son. The world is your oyster to be whoever you want to be. Your dream is to be an astronaut and to save people. You are an amazing little boy. Follow your dreams, my darling. Mummy is right here supporting you 100%. I love you so much!


A New Superhero is in Town

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That’s right folks, there is a new superhero. Move over Spider-Man, and make room for Spider-Max.

As mentioned before, Nanny works in a school for children with disabilities. She has the opportunity to participate in creative activities with them, so she tends to make things for Max.

This occasion no no exception.