A New Superhero is in Town

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That’s right folks, there is a new superhero. Move over Spider-Man, and make room for Spider-Max.

As mentioned before, Nanny works in a school for children with disabilities. She has the opportunity to participate in creative activities with them, so she tends to make things for Max.

This occasion no no exception.


A Nice Little Surprise

A Nice Little Surprise

Just before the Easter break, I purchased a couple of Power Ranger items for Max, to arrive in time for the long weekend.

They didn’t arrive.

I sent an email expressing not only how I felt, but how upset my four year old was. We were not happy.

Anyway, I received a quick response, and was pleasantly surprised by it’s contents.

A Nice Little Surprise

Even though it turned out not to be the fault of the toy company, (it was the courier or parcel drop off place), to make amends with Max, the lovely lady, Sally insisted she sent him a gift.

The grin on his face when he arrived home from preschool, and saw a package waiting for him was priceless.

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Opening the package himself, he screeched with delight as he saw Spider-Man!

He’s getting into Marvel characters due to them being in Kinder Surprise eggs; something which he loves.

Thank you The Entertainer Toy Shop for such excellent customer service. You made a little boy very happy!