Mother & Son

My Little Yum-Yum, Max says the cutest things.

The rubber ducks were given to me years ago as a joke, and the lion with her cub came from a Kinder Surprise egg. Not sure whether or not you’ve guessed it, but according to him, these toys represent him and I.

Snippets from some of our conversations:

Me: Tidy your toys please.
Max: I don’t have the ability to, but you do.

Me: Remember when I lost my voice?
Max: Yes. Where did it go mummy? You’re beautiful with it.

Me: I love you, Bubba.
Max: I love you too, mummy. I love you forever.

Max: We’re not friends anymore, we’re family.

Max: You’re my mummy, but you’re also a princess.

This little boy really lifts my mood, and can make any dull day brighter. ❤

Random Things Max Says ~ Part Two

Trying pomegranate for the first time:

Do you have it on toast?

Do they grow on trees or inside the house?

When he is being told what to do, for example, to tidy his toys:

I need my own house and a babysitter, and you’re not invited!

or the classic:

I’m not three, I’m sixteen!

When it’s time for bed as he has preschool the next day:

I don’t need to go to preschool on a daily basis.

Sticking stars on his Reward Chart for good behaviour:

Yeah, I’m a big dude!

Then changing his mind when he has done something naughty:

I’m not big, I’m cute.

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Max’s English Dictionary ~ Part Three

Another round of Max’s version of particular words:

Margles – Marbles

Barfume – Bathroom

Memember – Remember

Trenchucha – Temperature

Don’t respeck me – Don’t disrespect me

Hotsable – Hospital

Paling Pool – Paddling Pool

Bango – Mango

Curosity – Curiosity

Cake Hoey – Kate Hoey (Member of Parliament)

Devalee – Delivery

Mocano – Volcano

Okie Talkie – Walkie Talkie

Imbonsible – Impossible

Plaglock – Padlock

Please check that you are saying these correctly folks!

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Random Things Max Says

Children have a way with words, don’t they? The things they say at times can be so funny.

Max is no exception. He loves to sing this song:

Your are Only my sunshine, my only my sunshine.

You make me happy, when skies are grey great 

You‘ll never know dear notice, how much I love you. (Pointing at me)

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

 Although some of the words are not quite right, one can understand what he is trying to say, and his voice is so angelic! The song is also followed by a hug. ❤

Pulling up a chair, he sat in front of me and said:

I’m going to tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a purple cow, who’s friend was a sheep. The sheep went to the purple cow’s house. Now that’s not the end of the story mummy, OK? So, just wait there…

As you’ve probably guessed, I am is still waiting to hear the rest of the story… 😀

Not one to teach my son about colour/race, as I am teaching him everyone is equal, this one was really random. I have no idea where he got it from!

Mummy, you’re black, I’m yellow, the police are white and so are doctors.

There are a lot of road and building works going on at the moment. With a puzzled look on his face, Max says to me:

Mummy, are they fixing the country?

I think perhaps Little Yum-Yum may have been watching the news behind my back!

When he is being naughty, and I am trying to have a chat with him, he sometimes switches from English to Spanish. He finds it hilarious when I ask him to speak in English, as he knows I do not understand everything he is saying. Can’t be upset with him though, he has such a charming smile.

The main thing is, he is developing well, and is encouraged to express himself, to explore, to use his imagination, to just enjoy being a child.

But most importantly, he is encouraged to be himself.

Max’s English Dictionary ~ Part Two

Here he goes again!

Gloggly Eyes – Googly Eyes

Retective – Detective

Blutterfly – Butterfly

Flamley – Family

Cimema – Cinema

Natkin – Napkin

Gackels – Capitals

Breakfuss – Breakfast

Dining – Darling

Rounding – Random

I are – I am

Bag Word – Bad Word

Sellotake – Sellotape

Gragley – Bradley

Ambled Eggs – Scrambled Eggs

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