Summer Fun at the Seaside ~ Part Three

After the rides, we headed for the beach. Unfortunately, not a sandy one, although Max didn’t seem to mind.

He and auntie Rita splashed about for a bit.

Then he did his own thing.

My turn to head for the sea with Max. The pebbles were very uncomfortable! It’s not long before I decide I’ve had enough!

It was actually a warm day, although it may not seem so in the pictures (remember, we are in England!), so Max prepared himself to hit the sea again.

Auntie Rita decides to join him again. I’m not quite sure what they were looking for!

Waiting impatiently for me to open his bubbles, Max could not wait to pour some of the liquid over me. Of course, he found it funny.


A tired Little Yum-Yum, it was time to go home.

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Summer Fun at the Seaside ~ Part Two


Next stop was the Bumper Cars, Max’s favourite ride.

First a yellow one…


then blue…


then pink…


then red…


Unfortunately, they were unable to get a green one to complete riding in all the colours, but another blue is just as good!

I’m not sure who had more fun — Max or auntie Rita!

Part Three to follow.

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Summer Fun at the Seaside ~ Part One


On the way to Hastings, Max chose to sit with his new found friend.

After a little while, he decided to sit with me whilst she took a nap. This is his “Are we there yet?” face.

Upon arrival, we stopped for a spot of lunch – fish and chips of course! Then straight onto the rides.

Riding the Caterpillar with auntie Rita (Syreeta) and more.

For a few minutes, Max was a police officer.

Then a jockey I guess! But look at his face. He spotted something else he wanted to ride…


A big pink Cinderella pumpkin!

Back to his happy self.

Part Two to follow.