Dear Santa

20171220_194544 (1180x885)

Little Yum-Yum has known for quite some time what he wants for Christmas, so he wrote a list asking Santa for them.

Did anyone else notice the PO Box HoHoHo?

20171220_200220 (875x1180)

I must say, he does not tidy his room every day, but maybe Santa missed this fact.

A (toy) skip truck, a (toy) recycling truck, a blue car and a Spider-Man toy. Apart from the blue car, I purchased these items for him a little while ago. When we have conversations, I make note of what likes and wants; it makes the present buying process easy, rather than trying to scramble last minute, trying to figure it out.

We already have the cookies for Santa. I don’t think he’ll appreciate rice milk, so I’ll have to get another type (Santa doesn’t have a round belly from being on a diet!), as well as picking up some carrots for Rudolph and the other reindeers.