This Collection is Growing

This Collection is Growing

Max’s fascination with the Power Rangers is growing more and more each day.

Once he gets a character, he tells me the next one to get just minutes after opening the package! To make matters worse, some Zords can connect with each other creating an even bigger Zord, so you really do get roped in to purchasing quite a lot!

Let’s see how far he gets with this collection before he decides to move on to the next thing, like he did with PAW Patrol.

When Your Son Thinks He’s a Zord

When Your Son Thinks He's a Zord

It’s no secret Max is a huge fan of Power Rangers… at least for now!

On this particular occasion, he wanted to be a Power Ranger Zord.

When Your Son Thinks He's a Zord

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Although Max has a toy cooking pot on his head, I think he’s pretty close!

I always believe children should be allowed to use their imagination by playing freely. Yes, as a parent, I interact with him, but only when he asks me to. When I do play along, I always play the way he wants me to, as I believe it makes it more fun for him. After all, it is the only time he’s not being told what to do (for example, brush your teeth, go to bed, etc). I guess it gives him the┬ácourage to be in control at times.

What are your thoughts on children taking the lead during play time?

Blanket Fort

20170416_104247 (640x480)

Over the weekend, Max decided to build a fort with his PAW Patrol blanket… naturally.

He wanted both of us to fit into the space, which was mission impossible!

20170416_104254 (640x480)

After a little while, he gave up and decided to bring in the rest of his ‘friends’ instead. (Bag Puss was already in there).

To the right of the image, you can see red and green chair/stool legs. The red chair is in which he sat; the green stool was his portable stove. Chef Maximus managed to cook up some great meals on it, with food made out of felt fabric!

Race Track Play Mat


Another surprise for Max, was this play mat. A lover of cars, he could not contain his excitement when he saw it.

No one is allowed to stand on it (mummy got told off, you can see her foot).

No one is allowed to touch it, unless you have his permission.

This is a great way to keep Max entertained, whilst mummy sits down to have a well earned cup of coffee!