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During the two week Easter break, Little Yum-Yum and I didn’t really get up to much. The weather was terrible and we we’re both unwell.

After trying to find ready mixed paints for months (why is it so difficult these days?), we got lucky when we found some in a shop nearby.

Along with some nature stickers, Max created the most colourful picture to date! Of course we will find room (somewhere, somehow) on a wall, and add this to his many other pieces of artwork.

Paint Your Own Apron

20171026_150328 (408x640)

Max wanted to another apron, so Nanny gave him one, but he had to design it himself.

20171026_150506 (480x640)

Using left over paint from his Toucan Boxes (see here and here), Max started with his favourite colour, red.

20171026_151617 (480x640)

He asked his aunt Tammy to help out.

First, the mess was minimal;

20171026_155707 (480x640)

then both thought it would be a good idea to see who could get the most paint, so started to use their fingers/hands!

20171026_201639 (429x640)

Finished! Personalised too.

Face Painting


Max had his face painted today at Pre-School. He was supposed to be a tiger, but accidentally wiped away the bottom half. 🙂

Not quite sure if he is aware of rubbing some of it off, but he was so pleased with the result, he doesn’t want mummy to take the rest off.

‘Mirror’ is his favourite word today, as he continues to be amused by the paintwork. He looks, turns his head from side to side, then chuckles to himself.

Mummy is going to have a hard time cleaning his face later on, when it approaches his bed time. She is not looking forward to an unimpressed Maximus! :/