T-Rex ‘Zord’

20180324_163042 (640x461)

Little Yum-Yum created this in his favourite After School Club, Natural Thinkers/Outdoor Learning. Upon collecting him from school, the teacher asked Max to tell me what it was. “It’s a T-Rex Zord“.

Made out of natural material from the playground – apart from the googly eyes – I can see it … can you?

Let it Snow!

20171210_131009 (640x548)

On Sunday, it snowed here in London. Little Yum- Yum wanted to experience it properly for the first time… how could I say no?

He gathered up snow,

20171210_131005 (542x640)

and threw it at me!

20171210_131023 (617x640)

At it again, and caught me for the second time.

20171210_131108 (510x640)

He then decided he wanted to know how snow tasted,

20171210_131111 (480x640)

so filled his mouth!

20171210_131125 (565x640)

It did snow heavier shortly after this shot, but it was too cold to stay outdoors, plus I wasn’t well. But Max did have fun and that’s what counts.

The Wild Woods

20171107_124951 (640x630)

When Jess takes a walk in the Wild Woods with Grandad, she makes friends with a squirrel. She’d like to keep him – but Grandad’s not too sure…

“A breath of fresh air… Witty and sparkling line-and-wash pictures… Full of humour and vitality.” ~ The Guardian

A delightful story with an important message.” ~ Child Education

My review:

This book made me chuckle. It highlights the innocent way children think; they pretty much want to play with everything – even those who belong in the wild!

Making the Most of the Good Weather

20170820_140526 (536x640)

Not so long ago, the sun was out, so Max and I went to the park. It would be the last day we’d enjoy good weather. Recently, it’s been raining a lot, as well as the temperature has dipped quite a bit – especially at night.

20170820_140753 (480x640)

Max had a great time.

Unfortunately, we now have a long way to go before we will encounter good weather again. But at least we have built up great outdoor memories over spring and summer this year.

Stay Close By

Stay Close By

When the weather is good, Max and I go to the park quite often. Now, I have no problem with him running about; that is the whole point of taking him in the first place.

What I don’t like, is not having him in my view. On this particular day, Little Yum-Yum decided he was big enough to scoot off to the point I almost lost sight of him. Of course, this threw me into a panic, so I called out his name (loudly) several times before he actually stopped.

He then decided to pick up his scooter and run back towards me. I told him to slow down, to put his scooter down and to come back to me. He wouldn’t listen…

20170526_162217 (480x640)

… And this was the result.

Well this was two weeks ago, and he’s still telling me he can’t walk!

You have to carry me, mummy. I can’t bend my knee.

It is healing well. I did explain to him why I didn’t want him to stray too far from me. He said he understood.

Obviously, in a way he would better understand, I told him it was dangerous, because if something happened, I might not be able to get to him or find him. So here’s a question… Do you think I’m being over protective?