Here’s Fifty Pounds Mummy


Max saw mummy looking at dresses online. Suddenly, he started to look around the house, turning things upside down. He was on the hunt… After a short period of time, he found what he was looking for.

He ran up to her and said “He you go mummy. Here’s fifty pounds. You can buy a pretty dress”.

He had found two pennies! ❤

With a huge grin, mummy thanked him for giving her some money to buy a new dress. “You’re welcome” was his reply.

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Throwback Thursday ~ May 21st


This was taken in summer last year. Having previously posted a black and white version, the original colour one has been found! (It was thought to have been deleted by accident).

Max wasn’t too pleased with mummy kissing him, but she was going to do it anyway, and still does to this day.The only difference between then and now, is that Max now says “Yuck!”.

Mummy isn’t offended though. She finds it amusing. 🙂

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