Mother & Son

My Little Yum-Yum, Max says the cutest things.

The rubber ducks were given to me years ago as a joke, and the lion with her cub came from a Kinder Surprise egg. Not sure whether or not you’ve guessed it, but according to him, these toys represent him and I.

Snippets from some of our conversations:

Me: Tidy your toys please.
Max: I don’t have the ability to, but you do.

Me: Remember when I lost my voice?
Max: Yes. Where did it go mummy? You’re beautiful with it.

Me: I love you, Bubba.
Max: I love you too, mummy. I love you forever.

Max: We’re not friends anymore, we’re family.

Max: You’re my mummy, but you’re also a princess.

This little boy really lifts my mood, and can make any dull day brighter. ❤