Grumpy Munchkin


On this particular day, Max was not in a good mood. In fact he couldn’t even be bothered to play.


Ignoring mummy and even his favourite teddy.


He just sat there eating chips/crisps watching t.v.


Mummy thought maybe he was tired, and that he was possibly coming down with a cold.

Thankfully, his mood lifted that evening, and he was back to his usual, hyper cute self. ❤

Face Painting


Max had his face painted today at Pre-School. He was supposed to be a tiger, but accidentally wiped away the bottom half. 🙂

Not quite sure if he is aware of rubbing some of it off, but he was so pleased with the result, he doesn’t want mummy to take the rest off.

‘Mirror’ is his favourite word today, as he continues to be amused by the paintwork. He looks, turns his head from side to side, then chuckles to himself.

Mummy is going to have a hard time cleaning his face later on, when it approaches his bed time. She is not looking forward to an unimpressed Maximus! :/