Uh-Oh …

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Little Yum-Yum was in a panic the other day. Why? His beloved Teddy split open. The look on his face, along with “Mummy! Teddy’s hurt!” made me have to do something I simply don’t do … sew.

He made sure I used the right colour thread, and told me very firmly not to hurt Teddy.

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Once complete, Max checked my handiwork, then clung on to Teddy for a very long time. I’m just thankful I was able to mend him. I dread to think of his reaction if I couldn’t. He loves this worn out bear so much!


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Yesterday, Max and I decided together, we were going to partake in an Act of Kindness.

It was an incredibly hot day here in London, so after we went to buy ice cream and ice lollies, we rushed home to put them in the freezer before they melted. En route, I noticed a number of workmen, varying from BT engineers to scaffolders.

Max was overheating a little; he was turning red. So once back home, he rested for a bit to cool down. Afterwards, I had a chat with him about doing something good. He agreed, so I rubbed sun lotion on him and off we went, armed with bottles of water to give out to the workmen, to help them to stay hydrated.

I strongly believe a child’s home environment has the biggest influence – especially in the early years. The more we teach our children to be kind to everyone, the more the world will become a better place for them to grow, and to enjoy life.

What are your thoughts on this?