Stone Sculpture

max & monument (508x640)

Every Saturday on our way to Kumon and back home again, Little Yum-Yum and I pass this sculpture.

Not quite sure what it’s supposed to be, but it now sits where a lovely water fountain used to be. I remember it being there when I was going to school, so I’m not sure why it has been decided to replace it. Maybe to save on water, as Londoners are once again, on a hosepipe ban.

Max being Max is curious about pretty much any and everything, so actually went up to it to touch it on this occasion. Unfortunately, there is no write up about it, so I cannot say what it’s supposed to be.

One thing Max and I really do love about London, are the random things which seem to pop up out of nowhere!

Well, That Explains It

20170815_175443 (640x638) (640x638)

Whilst travelling on the bus the other day, Max asked me what this sign meant. As I proceeded to explain it to him, the conversation went like this:

Max: No wait, mummy. I’ll tell you.

Me: OK.

Max: The first one is when I was growing in your belly.

Me: *giggle*

Max: The next one is me sitting on your lap.

Me: OK, Bubba.

Then there was a pause. So, I continued the conversation.

Me: What about the last one?

Max: Oh, that’s grandma with a stick!

Don’t think I could have explained it better myself!

(Grandma is his great-grandmother).

The London Eye

20170825_110347 (480x640)

Max and I visited the London Eye recently.

20170825_110530 (640x480)

Big Ben, which has now been silenced for the next four years whilst renovations are done.

20170825_111442 (480x640)

Brave Max looking down once we were almost at the top.

20170825_111351 (640x480)

Breathtaking views from the top.

20170825_111741 (480x640)

Max doing a jig to the air con.

20170825_111031 (640x480)

Another stunning view.

20170825_131445 (480x640)

It’s thirsty work being a toddler.

20170825_133743 (480x640)

So we had a spot of lunch at Max’s favourite place.

Wind in the Willows

20170815_184914 (622x640)

Last week, Max and and I were fortunate enough to get free tickets to see Wind in the Willows Musical, at the London Palladium.

20170815_190325 (532x640)

Here is Max and his friend from preschool waiting for us to catch up, whilst the little boy’s mother and I were checking our tickets. (You can see Max is wearing his favourite t-shirt again!).

They’re too cute for words. The little boy kept following Max around, and telling his mother, “I want to do what Max is doing” and “I want to be Max”.

20170815_190600_LI (640x480)

And here they are making the most of their surroundings before the start of the musical, as well as during the interval.

Max loved the performance and the characters were fantastic. The only downside was the time; it finished at 10.00 pm. The little boy and his mother left way before it ended, because he was tired. He’s only two, so that’s understandable, but it’s a shame they had to miss out on the second part. As for us, I had to carry sleepy Little Yum-Yum part of the way home. Believe me, he’s very heavy!

We have suggested meeting again for another theatre show. Perhaps The Gruffalo. Who knows?

*(Unfortunately, I didn’t get round to asking permission to use the little boy’s name, nor his photos, hence the reason his name has been omitted, as well as his face).

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed!

PhotoGrid_1469972636240 (360x640)

A few weeks ago, Max and I were unwell with colds, so I had to take him out of preschool for three days, Wednesday to Friday.

On the Friday, I decided to take him to Church for Mass, as it only lasts for half an hour so he wouldn’t be out for too long, plus he wanted to go out for some air. Of course, Teddy had to come long.

Anyway, once we got to the doors, he made a little fuss about going inside, but I explained to him that he should not worry. After managing to convince him to enter, he became scared, as there are a few hobbit sized doors – one of which was open. He didn’t want to pass it, but we had to, to get to the right Chapel. I must admit, in all the time I have been attending, I’ve never seen the doors open, so was a little freaked out myself!

Once in the Chapel, Mass commenced and the time for Offering came. Personally, when I approach the Priest/Father/Mother, I bow my head indicating I would like to be blessed, rather than take the ‘body’ and the ‘blood’ of Christ. Children are obviously given blessings with the ‘mark’ of the cross on their foreheads. Once Father Robert had done so to Max, he turned to me and smiled, but warned me not to touch his forehead. He wanted to go home and have a look at it.

I explained to him there were no markings, whereby he told me off and stated that Father Robert had marked his forehead with a pen! I really tried not to laugh, but failed miserably!

Once home, he looked in the mirror, smiling to himself. I’m not sure what he thought he saw, but I didn’t see it! As he made his way upstairs, he suddenly stopped, and our conversation went like this:

Max: “He forgot to bless Teddy!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, Bubba, maybe next time.”

Max: “No, we have to go back now!”

Me: “we can’t, Mass is now over, and everyone has gone home.”

Max: “But mummy…!”

Me: “Bubba, everyone has gone home.”

Max then decides he can do the blessing himself. Poking Teddy on the forehead three times, each time, he said aloud:

Max: “Blessed, blessed, blessed!”

He then turns to me and says:

Max: “It’s done now mummy!”

Then runs off to do his own thing.

What could I possibly say to that? I wonder… Is thereĀ a Father Maximus in the making after all this time thinking he would be Chef Maximus?!