Tell the Time

Tell the Time (480x640)

Another game we have started playing together is that of telling the time. The same concept as the game Shopping List, it’s great for encouraging memory and observation skills. After picking a board, Maximus must pick a faced down card. If the time and activity on the card does not match one on his board, he must put the card back on the table faced down again. He must try to remember not to pick that particular card. The game is over once he completes his chosen board.

One the box, it has the following educational guide:

  • Reinforce time telling skills
  • Encourage observation
  • Develop personal & social skills

Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to take a photo of his facial expressions, but believe me, they are quite funny!

A Gift

20180421_095802 (629x640)

During the Easter break, Little Yum-Yum and I were unwell, so we didn’t get up to much. He was unwell for a few days, whilst I was for the duration. I tried to make it fun for him, but with little success.

It’s just the two of us, so when he told me I didn’t spend enough time with him, I felt really bad. However, a thought came to mind … what if I bought him a gift? *Cackle*. Surely that would make up for at least some of the lost time?

I came across this remote control car and he loves it! I told him I was sorry that we didn’t do many activities as we would normally, but he was too distracted with his new toy. I think I just about got away with it this time!

Picture Day

PhotoGrid_1521043352613 (640x405)

Last week, I received this text from Little Yum-Yum’s school – Picture Day!

So, he had a haircut, and in the morning (yesterday) I smoothed down his eyebrows and checked he had no boogers inside his nose.

I am so excited, and cannot wait to see Max’s first official school photo(s). Of course I am going to order more than I need to … well, because I can! Not sure how long it will take before I am able to obtain them, but I will certainly share them with our WP Family when I do!


Little Brother and Little Sister

20180208_105022 (480x640)

Once upon a time, there was a little brother and a little sister who lived with their stepmother, who was very cruel to them. One night, the brother and sister decided to run away. So the two children ran out into the forest, curled up in the hollow of a tree, and fell asleep.

My review:

This story reminds me of Hansel and Gretel. A typical fairy tale, it had a lovely ending. An OK bedtime story, I’m sure Little Yum-Yum will like it – especially once we get to the end, and he realises that everything turns out just fine.

Are You Sure?

20180314_081816_LI (504x640)

This is the logo on Little Yum-Yum’s uniform.

According to him, this dragon is eating a banana. I tried to explain that it wasn’t; it’s the tongue or even fire, but he insists that it is what he says it is. To be fair, looking at it, I can see why. The paw/claw is too close to the face.

Max’s comment certainly made me chuckle! A banana eating dragon … How about that?!