Gone Fishing

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Whilst playing in the garden, I noticed Little Yum-Yum concentrating on hard something; something I couldn’t figure out. I approached him and asked what it was he was doing. “I’m fishing, mummy!” he said with a broad smile on his face. He had made a fishing rod from a strip of a long dry leaf.

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I then asked him if he had caught anything, by which he replied he had caught a fish. The fish being a flower which had dried out, that he had simply attached to the ‘rod’. I so enjoy watching this little one at play.

Game Time

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Little Yum-Yum loves to play Four in a Row/Connect Four, but he’s such a cheat! Red is his favourite colour, so I always have to use the yellow counters. What you can see here is his version of the game; every time I drop a counter, he follows and drops one on top as he believes he is ‘trapping’ me in.

I’ve tried to explain this is not how the game is played, but he is adamant it is. So for now, I’ll just let him play it his way – after all, it’s all about having fun.


20180329_111047 (475x640)

When Little Yum-Yum showed me this drawing, I asked him to explain who or what the character was. “It’s a Postoloster!”.

Confused? So was I.

20180329_111100 (480x640)

He even asked me to help him spell and write the name.

Could someone please help me out, by telling me what exactly is a Postoloster? I’d be most grateful!

How to Find Gold

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“Lets find gold”, said Anna. “That would be dangerous and difficult”, said crocodile. “Good!” said Anna. “Let’s go!”.

“The richness of childhood imagination underpins this funny adventure … Schwarz had another winner on his hands”. ~ Daily Mail

“A work of wonder … pure picture book genius”. ~ Books for Keeps

“There is so much to enjoy in this picture book, it is surely the readers themselves who have struck gold”. ~ Book Trust

“(A) beguiling tale”. ~ The New York Times

“Inspiring”. ~ Bookseller

My review:

This book shows how a child uses their imagination for entertainment and fun. In this particular story, through drawings, a child and her friend sets out to find gold – which they successfully accomplish. A cute little story, but perhaps a little too long getting to the point.

Leafy the Pet Leaf

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Today, join Finnegan, Floss, Peanut and Sprat for Bring in a Pet Day!

Finnegan has brought his puppy, Licky Dog. Floss has her cat, Podge. Peanut has her pet mouse, Pocket.

But what about Sprat, the littlest Adventurer of all?

He’s brought… LEAFY! And Sprat thinks Leafy is the best pet leaf in the whole wide world.

But… can a leaf really be a pet?

My review:

This is a great book about one child’s imagination, when he couldn’t find his pet cat. It explores different things a leaf could be, thus saving the day, making it fun. Cute story.