Max and a Homeless Guy

Max and a Homeless Guy

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The other day, Little Yum-Yum and I popped to the shop as he wanted some sweets (which he had earned). Whilst there, a homeless guy was sat on the step with a polystyrene cup which only contained a few coins.

I was out of cash as I usually pay for items with a card, but Max had some change from his pocket money with him.

As we walked past, Max turns around, walks up to the guy and puts his own pocket money into the cup. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Why did you do that Bubba?

Max: Because he’s hungry. He needs it.

Me: (Trying to hold back the tears of joy) Well done, Bubba. That was very kind of you.

Max: (Grinning from ear to ear) Mummy, he has six coins now!

Definitely a proud mummy moment!

Max has never been with me when I have given money or bought food for the homeless. I have no idea what made him do this act of kindness, but if a four year old can do this, why can’t we all just be kind to one another?