Tell the Time

Tell the Time (480x640)

Another game we have started playing together is that of telling the time. The same concept as the game Shopping List, it’s great for encouraging memory and observation skills. After picking a board, Maximus must pick a faced down card. If the time and activity on the card does not match one on his board, he must put the card back on the table faced down again. He must try to remember not to pick that particular card. The game is over once he completes his chosen board.

One the box, it has the following educational guide:

  • Reinforce time telling skills
  • Encourage observation
  • Develop personal & social skills

Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to take a photo of his facial expressions, but believe me, they are quite funny!

Shopping List

20180204_135759 (640x466)

What a fun way to test your memory!

20180204_135014 (480x640)

The game encourages you to remember the items which are not on your list(s), and where they are. If you remember, you won’t turn over that card again, so you have a better chance of winning.

20180204_135452 (475x640)

Here’s Max checking to see if he has the item he’s revealed on one of his lists. (He likes to play with two lists sometimes).

20180204_135449 (500x640)

And the realisation it’s not. So entertaining!

On the box, it has the following educational guide:

  • Encourage observation and memory skills
  • Develop personal and social skills
  • Link with Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum English Key Stage 1

Hide & Seek (Well, Kind Of)

Hide & Seek (Well, Kind Of)

So… this is Max’s version of Hide & Seek.

If it’s not this, he’s hiding behind the curtain and moving around, or he stands dead still against the wall! In addition, sometimes, he actually shouts out “Mummy, you can’t find me!”.

To make the game last longer, I just pretend I’ve not seen him. Kids, huh?