Are You Sure?

20180314_081816_LI (504x640)

This is the logo on Little Yum-Yum’s uniform.

According to him, this dragon is eating a banana. I tried to explain that it wasn’t; it’s the tongue or even fire, but he insists that it is what he says it is. To be fair, looking at it, I can see why. The paw/claw is too close to the face.

Max’s comment certainly made me chuckle! A banana eating dragon … How about that?!

Getting Ready for School

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… Not! This is Little Yum-Yum most school day mornings. He talks about Megazords and Power Rangers in his sleep, and tries to hide under the covers when I try to wake him up. When he does finally get up, the first thing he says is “I want breakfast!” or “Love you, mummy”.

Definitely amusing, but can be quite challenging, as he has no sense of time. Not quite sure what to do to get him moving!

Tooth Fairy


Image from the web

After watching Tooth Fairy, Little Yum-Yum and I were having a discussion, whereby I explained he would start losing his baby teeth soon. He said he knew and that he would get money for each tooth.

Upon asking him what amount he was expecting, I thought he was going to say £1. Nope. He blurted out that he wants £10 per tooth!

Say what?!

Needless to say, I won’t be asking that question again!


Say, What?

IFBBmag-bandera-Portugal-Brasil (640x320)

Brazilian and Portuguese pupils are the majority in Little Yum-Yum’s school.

The other day, Max and I were home, when he switched languages. I thought “Nice try, son. I speak Spanish too”. (I’ve been learning almost every day for the past sixteen months). However, I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Me: What are you saying, Bubba?

Max: (Continues to speak in the language, whilst smiling at me).

Me: I don’t understand

Max: It’s Portuguese, mummy!

I wrote down a few of the sentences as best as I could, and translated them via Google Translate.

Yep, he sure was speaking Portuguese! Some of is friends have been teaching him their language, which I think is amazing!

Fortunately for him, I don’t have the time to learn another language.

Max – 1  : Mummy – 0