I Want a Cuddle!

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Little Rabbit needs a cuddle – quick! – so off she sets off through the forest to find the perfect hug. But some cuddles are too prickly and some are too tickly, so just who will give her the hug she needs?

A warm story in which Little Rabbit discovers that everyone needs a cuddle at times – even little foxes!

My review:

What can I say? This book has the cutest little characters who are willing to give Little Rabbit a hug as she hurt her paw whilst playing. However, some hugs were not quite right, so she made her way home to get the best hug of all… from her mum! Wonderful child/parent bedtime story.


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Maximus, along with the other pupils in his school, celebrated Diwali last Friday, by making their own diyas.

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Little Yum-Yum was/is so proud of his. I don’t think the candle will ever be lit though. It sits on the unit in front of the television, so one has no choice but to see it!

A Box of Fun

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After being told the box was not strong enough to hold him, Master Maximus still wanted to do his own thing…

20160527_190750 (360x640)

So this happened! Temporarily defeated, he lay pondering what to do next…

20160527_190814 (360x640)

Then came up with the idea to make a car out of the broken box, with his passengers being balloons! 😀

For Fun Box, click here.

The balloons are from Community Event ~ Part One and Community Event~ Part Two. How long have they lasted?!

Toddler Talk

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I wrote this back in June on my mummy’s blog.

I’m so proud of it. I was grinning from ear to ear and got my mummy to clap for me once I had finished.