Healthy Snack

Like many children, Max thinks he can survive on sweets/candy, chocolate and crisps/chips. Unfortunately for him, mummy doesn’t think so!

20160530_140056 (640x427)

Refusing to eat fruit, mummy found this sandwich box, and decided to fill it with these…

20160509_142358 (640x360)

A huge Thomas & Friends fan, he will now eat his fruit (and cheese) every day!

Now if only she could think of something to encourage him to eat his vegetables. 🙂

Wedge of Orange

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Collecting Max from pre-school, mummy saw he was eating a wedge of orange, which was clearly finished, leaving just the peel. Happily, he started to gnaw away at it. Upon telling him that he is not meant to eat that part, he just looked up at her, grinned, and carried on eating it! :/

Luckily, orange peels are nutritious, although it is not recommended to make them a part of your daily diet. 🙂