The Usual, Please

20180215_124751 (480x640)

Half Term wouldn’t be the same without a visit to The Kennington.

Whilst waiting for his lunch to arrive, he completed some of the pages in his ‘My Set 1 Speed Sounds Book’. He really enjoys learning – so much so, he even asks me to take him to school at the weekends!

20180215_125656 (480x640)

Time to take a well earned break, for his usual lunch order.

As you can see, it went down well!

Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day ’18

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Pancake Day! Little Yum-Yum wanted pancakes with chocolate spread. No surprises there, as he wanted the same last year. However, I thought it would be nice to start from ‘scratch’, so bought a pancake shaker mix (ha!). I also bought back up ready made pancakes too, because I can’t actually make them!

20180213_151219 (578x640)

Max got to work shaking the pancake mix; first without water, then once water was added.

20180213_153125 (640x480)

The first attempt wasn’t too bad,

20180213_153131 (640x480)

the second one didn’t turn out very well.

20180213_153610 (526x640)

Max didn’t want to try ours, even though the last four turned out OK. He opted for the ready made ones (I knew it was a good idea to get backup).

20180213_153310 (640x480)

After adding chocolate spread,

20180213_153330 (480x640)

he tucked right in,

20180213_153949 (640x480)

wearing an ‘it wasn’t me’ look on his face!


So This Happened

20171224_204324 (640x491)

Remember the list Max left for Santa?

Well, Christmas Eve night, Little Yum-Yum (and I) put out some mulled wine and cookies for Santa, as well as eight carrots – one for each reindeer.

20171225_131454 (640x597)

Christmas Day, Max found Santa had come! He received a Spider-Man costume. The note read;

To Maximus,

Thank you for the cookies and the very special treat of mulled wine. They were delicious!

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen enjoyed the carrots very much! Rudolph too! Thanks for putting out an extra one; you are a delightful little boy.

Merry Christmas

From Santa

Ho Ho Ho!

I must say, I was confused regarding the reindeers; I always thought there were eight, and that Rudolph was one of the originals. Turns out, he was introduced at a later stage.

Anyway, Little Yum-Yum wanted to share this clip with you all. He finds it hilarious and won’t stop singing it.

Brussel Sprouts

20171207_130830 (480x640)

So… I’ve managed to find a way to get Maximus to eat brussel sprouts!

Actually, it’s the chocolate version. I’ve failed miserably trying to introduce him to new vegetables, and for him to eat more in general.

I’ll let him off for now, because of the time of year, but I’ll be back with a plan (I hope!) in the new year. *Cackle*

Minion Cupcakes

20171027_140614 (432x640)

Oooh! Another baking kit. This time, Minions!

20171027_141052 (523x640)

Pour the cake mixture into a bowl,

20171027_141213 (525x640)

then add one medium egg and two tablespoons of water. Mix well.

Spoon the mixture into the cupcake liners.

Bake for 12-15 minutes on Gas Mark 7.

20171027_143954 (490x640)

Whilst waiting, add some water to the coloured icing mix to the consistency you like.

20171027_150817 (640x510)

Once the cupcakes are cool, add the icing and edible decorations.