Jack and the Beanstalk

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Jack Pott and his mum
had a poor life, not much fun.
Food was scarce for those two
and their cow called Little Moo.

A fun  retelling of the story Jack and the Beanstalk. Share the story and learning activities with your child to encourage their reading and reinforce their learning of phonics. ~ Nick Page, Author

My review:

Another great story retold in a fun, rhyming way. Key sounds are highlighted in red to help children identify them. Not quite a bedtime story like the original, but certainly helpful and in line with what children are learning in school.

Picture Holder

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Yesterday, I proudly collected this picture holder Little Yum-Yum decorated in school – with red (his favourite) being the main colour, of course! It came complete with a cute photo of him smiling whilst holding a flower.

I have run out of space for everything – walls, table tops – I need to move just to house his creations!

Picture Day

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Last week, I received this text from Little Yum-Yum’s school – Picture Day!

So, he had a haircut, and in the morning (yesterday) I smoothed down his eyebrows and checked he had no boogers inside his nose.

I am so excited, and cannot wait to see Max’s first official school photo(s). Of course I am going to order more than I need to … well, because I can! Not sure how long it will take before I am able to obtain them, but I will certainly share them with our WP Family when I do!


Double Celebrations

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Tuesday (6th March) was my birthday, so Little Yum-Yum made me this lovely card in school. He even drew a birthday cake on it.

20180309_121404 (640x480)

Inside, he drew many hearts, and in his own way wrote “Love you mum, Happy birthday”.

20180309_121421 (640x480)

This Sunday (11th March) is Mother’s Day (UK). A little early, Max presented me with this beautiful picture; a bouquet of (hand) flowers.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!