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When Little Yum-Yum showed me this drawing, I asked him to explain who or what the character was. “It’s a Postoloster!”.

Confused? So was I.

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He even asked me to help him spell and write the name.

Could someone please help me out, by telling me what exactly is a Postoloster? I’d be most grateful!

It’s a Spider

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I have my groceries delivered straight to my door every Monday morning, whilst Max is at preschool.

On this particular Monday, Max was home with me. The shopping arrived; he signed for it (don’t ask!). Anyway, I was looking for the receipt so I could check off the items against it. But I couldn’t find it. I also noticed, Master Maximus had disappeared…

When I found him, he was drawing… on the receipt! Looking up, he grinned and said (of his drawing) “It’s a spider, mummy! Do you like spiders?”.

I know the long lines are it’s legs, but can only assume the ‘swirly stuff’ represents it’s web. What do you think?