Modern Art

20170930_134025 (571x640)

Another Toucan Box!

Theme: Modern Art.

20170930_134123 (640x480)

Checking the box,

20170930_134423 (488x640)

everything required is present.

20170930_140555 (429x640)

Similar to what the outcome should be.

20170930_134808 (480x640)

Max pausing to smile for the camera.

20171008_124806 (640x608)

The finished canvas!

20170930_140602 (640x464)

Another activity. This time colouring in. Theme: ‘Warhol’s Soup’.

20170930_140611 (640x480)

Followed by Lichtenstein’s Dots.

20170930_140620 (640x452)

Crime at the Museum.

20170930_140627 (640x451)

Crazy Cubism.

20170930_140636 (640x461)

Continuing the canvas theme making Mondrian Cookies.

20170930_140646 (640x466)

Last, but not least Kandinsky Circles.

20170930_140928 (480x640)

Max at the ready to start his on Kandinsky Circles picture.

20171008_124858 (640x462)

He decided to use all the colourful circles! What a result!

Once again, both pieces are displayed on the wall.

Your Majesty, Maximus!

20170915_165253 (530x640)

Another Toucan Box!

20170915_165317 (640x397)

A Royal Theme this time.

20170922_160119 (538x640)

Ready to start,

20170922_161749 (452x640)

with the with the crown first.

20170922_160708 (480x640)

And he’s off!

20170922_161336 (502x640)

Now it’s time for the jewels/gems…

20170922_161714 (460x640)

And here is the finished product. That’s one big crown!

20170922_162116 (466x640)

Next, it’s the finger puppets.

20170922_162104 (552x640)

Your Majesty, Maximus colouring away,

20170922_170209 (539x640)

with a little help from me.

The activities do not stop there!

A little history is thrown in.

Design a Castle and Royal Rumble.

20170922_163531 (640x455)

How to make your own edible dragon.

20170922_163540 (640x438)

A little humour.

20170922_163551 (436x640)

Until next time!

Ahoy Maximus!

20170823_162738 (495x640)

A little while ago, Max and I saw a commercial for Toucan Box. He wouldn’t stop asking for it, so now he receives them fortnightly. Each box contains a different theme.

20170823_181707 (640x458)

Checking the contents inside,

20170823_181832 (640x417)

this box was about pirates.

20170823_184159 (567x640)

After leaving the teabag in water for a little while, Max went straight into making the treasure map.

20170823_192023 (640x480)

He stuck the stickers provided where he wanted to complete the look.

20170823_184608 (490x640)

This was followed by creating the parrot,

20170823_192034 (480x640)

which he then covered in feathers. It now features on a wall in our home.