Gingerbread Kit

Gingerbread Kit

As I was placing an order online, I asked Max what he would like to bake this week. After scrolling through a number of items, he chose the Gingerbread Kit.

Gingerbread Kit

Having already had sprinkles, from were we have made Chocolate Rice Krispies Cakes a number of times, I suggested he could use these too, but only of he wanted to.

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Chef Maximus at work.

20170403_140818 (480x640)

And here are the finished Gingerbread Men!

I was lucky to get one! They were very tasty indeed.

Chocolate Chip Brioche

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Today’s Jus Rol recipe is Chocolate Chip Brioche!

Mmm… chocolate…

If you don’t have grease proof paper, butter/margarine is just as good, as chef Maximus demonstrates here.

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Cooking Guidelines:
Oven cook (From Chilled): Preheat the oven at 200°C (180°C fan assisted ovens)/Gas Mark 6. Line a baking tray with non-stick greaseproof paper.
1. Pull the red corner of the label around the can.
2. The can will pop open.
3. Roll each one of the pre-cut pieces between your hands into a cylindrical shape.
4. Place on lined baking tray approx. 5cm apart.
5. Glaze with egg wash or milk for a golden finish.
6. Use a sharp knife to put two or three decorative scores (approx. 0.5cm deep) across the width of each piece.
7. Place on the middle shelf of the oven and bake for 13-17 minutes or until golden brown.
Best served fresh and warm from the oven!

Preparation instructions from

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They turned out really well, and were very tasty. So much so, Little Yum-Yum said “More, mummy!”. Definitely one we will make again.

Mushroom & Olive Pizza

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Another vegetarian pizza! This time, with mushrooms and olives.

Ingredients used: ready made pizza dough base, tomato and garlic pizza sauce, ready grated four cheeses, mushrooms, olives.

20170220_163159 (480x640)

Get little helper to poke holes with a fork into the base.

Spread the tomato and garlic sauce on the base.

Stop and grin for the camera for a moment, then continue to sprinkle as much cheese as chef Maximus wants (the whole bag) over the sauce and base.

Add the mushrooms and olives.

20170220_163936 (537x640)

Place in oven on gas mark 7 for approximately 15-20 minutes.


This is a really simple, easy meal for children to help prepare, and is very tasty.

(You can of course use whatever ingredients you wish, and it doesn’t have to be vegetarian).

Cooking with Nanny ~ Part Two

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So now mummy has managed to get Max to eat fruit, it really is time for Max to start eating more vegetables. What is known, is that peas and cabbage are definitely out, but broccoli is in! Phew, a small step forward. He will sometimes eat sweetcorn and raw mushrooms, and maybe, the odd lettuce leaf.

On this occasion, nanny let him try raw and cooked carrots. Either way, it is still a no-no.

On the surface, you can see standard white potatoes, as well as sweet potatoes. Thinking he would opt for the sweet ones, he decided neither were to his liking, so it’s back to the drawing board! :/

Answers on a postcard please!

(Thanks to Derrick and Prosperity & Calamities for their suggestions on a previous post ❤ ).

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