Beaded Ornaments

20171231_140350 (640x422)

Toucan Box theme: Beaded Ornaments.

20171231_141157 (480x640)

First the candy canes; three red beads, three clear beads and so on,

20171231_141631 (480x640)

then the star.

20171231_142209 (480x640)

Three blue beads, three clear beads and so forth.

20171231_143847 (640x480)

We will have these wonderful ornaments to display next Christmas.

20171231_144031 (640x456)

Other activities included Snowmadness,

20171231_144045 (640x457)

Draw a Reindeer

20171231_153125 (480x640)

which resulted in this wonderful drawing from Little Yum-Yum.

20171231_144102 (640x441)

Colour It In,

20171231_144115 (640x442)

Hiding in the Snow,

20171231_144129 (640x435)

the funny looking Squishy Reindeers,

20171231_144141 (640x422)

Climb the Tree and Gingerbread Fashion.

Maximus would like to wish you all a fantastic New Year.

Gingerbread Friends

20171229_133514 (640x480)

Toucan Box Theme: Gingerbread Friends.

20171229_133636 (470x640)

Lets get making!

20171229_133812 (480x640)

Master Maximus at work,

20171229_134411 (480x640)

and really getting into it.

20171229_135215 (480x640)

Time to add the trimmings and that big smile!

20171229_140108 (480x640)

First gold, now green.

20171229_140540 (640x480)

What a cute pair!

20171229_140506 (640x455)

There was also Spot The Difference, Draw Santa Claus, Santa in the Sun and Sat-Nav Santa.

20171229_140514 (640x455)

Up for a bit of baking? There was instructions and the recipe for Gingerbread Presents.

20171229_140520 (640x455)

Elf Twins and Deck the Halls.

Little Yum-Yum and I were unwell this Festive Season, but we hope you all had a wonderful time.

So This Happened

20171224_204324 (640x491)

Remember the list Max left for Santa?

Well, Christmas Eve night, Little Yum-Yum (and I) put out some mulled wine and cookies for Santa, as well as eight carrots – one for each reindeer.

20171225_131454 (640x597)

Christmas Day, Max found Santa had come! He received a Spider-Man costume. The note read;

To Maximus,

Thank you for the cookies and the very special treat of mulled wine. They were delicious!

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen enjoyed the carrots very much! Rudolph too! Thanks for putting out an extra one; you are a delightful little boy.

Merry Christmas

From Santa

Ho Ho Ho!

I must say, I was confused regarding the reindeers; I always thought there were eight, and that Rudolph was one of the originals. Turns out, he was introduced at a later stage.

Anyway, Little Yum-Yum wanted to share this clip with you all. He finds it hilarious and won’t stop singing it.

Dear Santa

20171220_194544 (1180x885)

Little Yum-Yum has known for quite some time what he wants for Christmas, so he wrote a list asking Santa for them.

Did anyone else notice the PO Box HoHoHo?

20171220_200220 (875x1180)

I must say, he does not tidy his room every day, but maybe Santa missed this fact.

A (toy) skip truck, a (toy) recycling truck, a blue car and a Spider-Man toy. Apart from the blue car, I purchased these items for him a little while ago. When we have conversations, I make note of what likes and wants; it makes the present buying process easy, rather than trying to scramble last minute, trying to figure it out.

We already have the cookies for Santa. I don’t think he’ll appreciate rice milk, so I’ll have to get another type (Santa doesn’t have a round belly from being on a diet!), as well as picking up some carrots for Rudolph and the other reindeers.

Best Advent Calendar Ever

20171221_085655 (1180x789)

Last year’s advent calendar was a piece of chocolate per day, so this year I decided to get Little Yum-Yum one he would be more excited about; Hot Wheels. Believe me, he was not disappointed!

20171221_111739 (1180x849)

Cars, reindeers, a sleigh, a Christmas tree, a snowman, stickers – this calendar has Maximus super excited. He loves the cars, and already has many others. His collection is growing!