Chocolate Haul

20180330_154507 (640x480)

Little Yum-Yum received seven big Easter eggs this year (to include one won in a raffle at school). He certainly was pleased, even though he can’t complete a whole one in a day. He’s definitely not a chocoholic like me.

Max hopes you all had a relaxing Easter weekend.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Happy Easter

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I bought some raffle tickets for the Easter Raffle at Little Yum-Yum’s school. We won an Easter Egg! Woo hoo! However, I must say, it did make me laugh when I unwrapped it; as you can see, the prize came with toothbrushes! Now that’s a hint and a half to brush one’s teeth after eating something sweet. I’ve never experienced this before, but it was certainly amusing.

20180329_143851 (449x640)

On another note, Max made an Easter card,

20180329_143908 (640x479)

which featured a drawing of him and I, complete with a heart.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend WP Family. Blessings to you all.

Brussel Sprouts

20171207_130830 (480x640)

So… I’ve managed to find a way to get Maximus to eat brussel sprouts!

Actually, it’s the chocolate version. I’ve failed miserably trying to introduce him to new vegetables, and for him to eat more in general.

I’ll let him off for now, because of the time of year, but I’ll be back with a plan (I hope!) in the new year. *Cackle*

Chocolate Puff Pastry Parcels


You will need:

1 pack/sheet of puff pastry dough

Chocolate spread

Rub butter/margarine on the baking tray or use grease proof paper.

Cut the pastry into eight squares.

20170324_141507 (2)

Chef Maximus thought it would be better to eat the chocolate spread, rather than use it for baking.

20170324_141507 (1)

Place a tablespoon of chocolate spread in the middle of each square.

20170324_144005 (2)

Fold the corners so the tips touch, making a ‘parcel’ shape.

Place in oven on gas mark 7, for approximately 15-20 minutes until golden.

20170324_144005 (1)

These were delicious!


Acts of Kindness

Following the Reward Chart post, I am little stuck with what Max’s reward should be for his Acts of Kindness. I don’t want it to be sweets/candy or chocolate, as I believe the sugar rewards he is receiving on a daily basis are enough.

Any suggestions please?

In the mean time, he picked a Father Christmas chocolate figure this week, due to my running out of time to come up with a better idea.

With the way he hugs and plays with it, I just hope it doesn’t melt!