Teaching About Compassion

Teaching About Compassion

I strongly believe teaching a child to be compassionate from an early age is very important.

Not just to his/her fellow human being, but to (all) animals as well.

This is my neighbour’s cat whom we initially thought was a stray.

Teaching About Compassion

She and her brother comes over regularly to chill with us, and to play with Max and I. They’re part of the family.

Whenever Max see’s an animal, he says they are his friends. Except pigeons. He runs through them, shouting “fly!” or the like, forcing them to depart abruptly, but we’re working on that!

Sleep Tight, Ginger Kitten

20170506_184613 (640x540)

A ginger kitten with one white paw, and a small white spot on his ginger face is looking for a sleeping place…

Follow the ginger kitten as he looks for somewhere comfortable to sleep. But the chair’s too hard, the box too small, and the wardrobe is full of shoes. Where can the kitten go next? Will he ever find the prefect place?

My Review:

What a cute little story through the eyes of a kitten, looking for a place to sleep! Where he ends up is the best place of all.

Playing in the Garden


Max stroking one of the neighbour’s cats. Mummy taught him to be compassionate to animals.


He’s doing a great job. Mummy is so proud of him.


OK, maybe the cat has had enough now!


Random – yoga anyone?


Honest, it’s great fun!


I guess they’ll do their own thing now.


Or maybe Max will act like a cat. 🙂