Shopping List

20180204_135759 (640x466)

What a fun way to test your memory!

20180204_135014 (480x640)

The game encourages you to remember the items which are not on your list(s), and where they are. If you remember, you won’t turn over that card again, so you have a better chance of winning.

20180204_135452 (475x640)

Here’s Max checking to see if he has the item he’s revealed on one of his lists. (He likes to play with two lists sometimes).

20180204_135449 (500x640)

And the realisation it’s not. So entertaining!

On the box, it has the following educational guide:

  • Encourage observation and memory skills
  • Develop personal and social skills
  • Link with Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum English Key Stage 1

Maximus & Pudsey

20171117_151458 (480x640)

Last Friday, the children in Max’s school had a surprise visit from Pudsey Bear! He was so excited when he saw the yellow figure, and ran up to him to have this photo taken.

20171117_173857 (640x528)

This was all for Children in Need.

Children in Year 5 made key rings to sell, in order to raise money for the cause. Max and I purchased three. They were extra special as the drawings were all done by hand.

On one side, Pudsey Bear was featured, or on some, emoji faces.

20171117_173816 (640x458)

On the reverse, I managed to find a couple with the Union Jack and the Star Spangled Banner. (For some reason, I like to refer to the latter by this name, rather than the other names available. Maybe it has something to the with the awesome National Anthem!). Each flag represents where Max and I were born; he, in the US and I, in the UK.

I am so pleased the school took part in raising money for such a great cause.

(The live show on the night, raised £50.1 million! For those of you who understand US$ better, that’s a total of approximately $66.3 million!).

Bonfire/Guy Fawkes Night

20171104_115750 (552x640)

Yesterday (5th November) was Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night in the UK. (Click here to read more about it).

So last Friday, Max along with the other pupils in school, made their own firework. As we walked home, it looked amazing flapping in the wind.

Unfortunately, we did not go to see a live display this year. Individuals can get silly which can make the event dangerous. However, we did watch our neighbour’s display though the window. It was very colourful indeed!

Native American Tribes

20171008_123713 (505x640)

Toucan Box Theme: Native American Tribes.

20171008_123810 (640x463)

Time to make a Dream Catcher!

20171008_124112 (542x640)

Little Yum-Yum gets started on making the relevant holes.

20171008_131324 (596x640)

Once he was satisfied with his paintwork, Max stuck on some silver stars.

20171008_131744 (520x640)

A little sewing,

20171008_133214 (550x640)+

followed by some bead work.

20171008_134647 (485x640)


20171008_135245 (526x640)

Now for the extra stuff included,

20171008_135301 (640x397)

such as finding tomahawks, and shooting arrows,

20171008_135456 (640x412)

smoke signals and drawing a buffalo.

20171008_135505 (640x412)

Time to draw,

20171008_135521 (640x404)

followed by the story of the Dream Catcher.

20171008_135529 (640x387)

Ever tried Journey Cakes before? We haven’t but we may try it one day.

20171008_135537 (640x407)

Last but not least, how to make a Native American Headband.

20171008_135829 (510x640)

After cutting the strips for him, Max coloured them in.

20171008_151620 (548x640)

He added a few feathers,

20171008_151714 (564x640)

but kept the rest for this. I could be wrong, but I think it’s a Go Jetters character on an island.

20171008_191902 (495x640)

Later, he changed his mind and added the remaining feathers to his Headband.

20171008_192548 (437x640)

The Dream Catcher now hangs above his bed to catch all of his good dreams, and to get rid of the bad ones.