Happy 4th Birthday, Maximus! ~ Part One


My Little Yum-Yum’s face when he woke up this morning.

Today is Master Maximus’ birthday! I can’t believe how the time has flown. Four already!


Opening a present before having to get ready for preschool.


Once I dropped off Max, I had to return home to collect the box of goody bags for his friends/the children at his preschool. As he only attends the morning session, there were thirty-five bags in total. If he attended all day, there would be seventy! Each contained balloons and A LOT of sweets/candy.


In addition, not one, but two Thomas & Friends cakes were also supplied to the preschool to celebrate Max’s day.


With the preschool side of things sorted, back home, I blew up a bunch of balloons…


…and laid out some of his presents, ready for when I go to pick him up.

Come back tomorrow for Part Two.

Early Preparations


Birthday presents are ready…

As some may know, Max’s birthday is just ten days before Christmas on 15th December.

Due to this, I start purchasing presents and preparing for these two wonderful events from as early as September, (although I started in October this year).


…as are his Christmas presents and stocking. (He decorated the stocking himself in 2014).

It means I can take my time, rather than rushing at the last minute when pretty much everything has sold out.


I managed to find a personalised ‘Max’ ornament.

We have also had a mini Christmas tree up for the past couple of weeks, which Max chose along with some decorations.

Max is excited, and I’m glad he is. Why shouldn’t he be?

After all, on 15th December 2012, I received the best Christmas present ever – my Little Yum-Yum, Maximus.

Birthday Party & Fireworks


Over the weekend, on Saturday 5th November, Max was invited to one of his friend’s birthday party. Like Max, she is a huge PAW Patrol fan too.


There were lots of games, prizes and sweets, along with face painting. Max always goes for a lion, then starts chasing people, roaring at them.

He won two medals; one just for being awesome, the other for sharing. He had won two prizes, but gave one to a little girl who did not have one – without being asked.


Sorry, not a very good photo. It was hard trying to keep an eye on Max and trying to take a picture at the same time!

This is also the date we have a tradition called Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night in the UK. A local church had a free display on the grounds, which was a perfect opportunity for Max to attend one for the first time. I had been worried he was going to get hurt, and that he would be frightened. However, he was so excited! Shouting “I love it!” at the top of his voice made everyone laugh.

It was a perfect end to a wonderful day.

Nanny’s Birthday

Today is Nanny’s birthday. Yesterday, I took Max to the shop to purchase a couple of cards for the occasion. Of course, I let him choose the one he wanted to give…

20160822_142659 (577x640)

…and he chose this one! 😀

Who am I to argue?

20160822_142717 (640x373)

Once back indoors, Max got scribbling, writing a rather detailed message in his own secret language.

20160822_142616 (640x580)

Addressing the front of the envelope.

20160822_142643 (640x581)

The back too!

His efforts were not in vain, as Nanny was very pleased with her card. She loved it! ❤