Valentine’s Day ’18

20180214_093843 (640x480)

Little Yum-Yum made this in school for me. It has made it to the Wall of Fame as it’s so beautiful. (Well, made it to one of the walls of fame, as much of his work covers pretty much, an entire room).

Whether you celebrated or not, Max and I hope you had a fantastic day, and your week is going well.

The Dye Butterfly

20180114_144046 (640x372)

Toucan Box Theme: The Dye Butterfly.

Master Maximus wastes no time with drawing patterns on the coffee filter paper, which will be the butterfly’s wings.

20180114_145458 (480x640)

Once he’s finished, the filter is folded into a cone shape, and the tip is placed into a glass of shallow water. Max watched in fascination as the colours merged.

20180114_150058 (640x381)

After being left to dry,

20180114_164852 (480x640)

it was time to make the butterfly. Little Yum-Yum used a wooden clothes peg for the body.

20180114_165326 (513x640)

A pipe cleaner was used for the antennae, and he drew on the eyes and the mouth, as well as colour in the body.

20180114_165350 (640x570)

What a beautiful butterfly!

20180131_125224 (441x640)

Other activities included

20180131_125250 (640x446)

It’s Time to Start Exploring Colour and Colour Mix,

20180131_125318 (640x449)

and Colour Match.

20180131_125342 (640x448)

Also, Colour by Numbers,

20180131_125408 (640x443)

Butterfly Buddies and Ice Cream Patterns,

20180131_125424 (640x471)

Colourful Cupakes

20180131_125438 (640x440)

and last but not least, Colour Game.

Honey Bee

20180107_141240 (640x401)

Toucan Box Theme: Honey Bee.

20180107_141925 (480x640)

Master Maximus at work with the body of the bee.

20180107_143655 (480x640)

Proud with the finished product, it really is the cutest bee I’ve ever seen!

20180107_144446 (480x640)

Now for the Bamboo Beehive,

20180107_144545 (480x640)


That’s one happy Little Yum-Yum!

20180107_144055 (457x640)

Other activities included:

20180107_144113 (640x448)

A welcome to the world of bees and Collecting Pollen,

20180107_144138 (640x445)

Identi-Bee which was a guessing game from the descriptions given.

20180107_144150 (640x446)

Thumbprint Colony involved paint which is always a plus for Max.

20180107_144201 (640x452)

How to draw a Queen Bee,

20180107_144214 (640x454)

Honey Joys, which look similar to Rice Krispies Treats,

20180107_144229 (640x445)

and lastly, Bee Match which Max was able to complete rather quickly, by himself.

Aboriginal Bowl

20171203_115957 (640x480)

Toucan Box theme: Aboriginal Bowl.

After blowing up the balloon, Little Yum-Yum gets cracking on applying glue to the paper strips, to stick to it.

It was left to dry overnight,

20171217_135017 (480x640)

ready to paint the next day.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of it painted because Max was playing with it.

20171203_125138 (472x640)

Let’s go on a Journey Down Under!

20171203_125224 (640x450)

Activities included G’Day Mate! and Find the Food,

20171203_125239 (640x460)

Aboriginal Art,

20171203_125254 (640x472)

and The Outback.

20171203_125314 (640x465)

As well as the game Great Barrier Battle which we enjoyed playing together.

20171203_125336 (640x465)

How to make Marsupial Sandwiches.

20171203_125353 (640x452)

And last, but not least, Aboriginal Dot Art.

20171203_125529 (466x640)

As it involved stickers, Max enjoyed this very much. However, by this point he was a little fed up with my taking photos of him, as he just wanted to get on with it!