Burlap Bunny

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Have you heard the news? Spring has arrived! The new flowers are beginning to bloom, the weather is warming up and the bunnies have come out to play. But wait, where has the Bunny’s tail gone? We better help her out and make the fluffiest, cuddliest tail we can. Ready? Let’s hop to it!

~ Toucan Box

Toucan Box Theme: Burlap Bunny.

Little Yum-Yum went to work with the Bunny’s tail with the yarn and stencil provided. He needed assistance to use scissors and to tie a knot to keep it all together, but did a good job. Of course, he had to strike a pose before we could move on.

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Using a stencil, black paint and a sponge, Max created the shape of the Bunny, by applying the paint to the fabric, dabbing it on. When done, it was left to dry.

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Once dry, Max attached the tail he had made earlier, by using a plastic needle to sew it on, and used green glitter glue for the grass.

I managed to find some space on a wall for it. It’s fantastic!

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Other activities included:

burlap bunny 10 (640x454)

Flower Power,

burlap bunny 11 (640x445)

Draw a Bunny,

burlap bunny 12 (640x453)

Butterfly Brothers and Counting Sheep.

burlap bunny 6 (640x450)

Also Springscape,

burlap bunny 7 (640x446)

Patchwork Farming and Tall Tails,

burlap bunny 8 (640x450)

and last but not least, Hatching Chick.

The Tortoise and the Hare

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Once upon a time, there was a hare who was always boasting about how fast he was.

“I”, he would say, puffing¬†out his chest and flexing his legs, “am the speediest and in the forest. I have never been beaten. I challenge¬†anyone to try and beat me.”

My review:

What can I say? I remember this as a child. A wonderful classic children’s story, perfect for bedtime.

Just One More Swim!

20180208_105022 (480x640)

Big Bear stood up and sniffed the air, then lumbered out toward the water. Her cubs scampered after her, blinking at the dazzling world. Big Bear padded across the ice. She stopped and dug a hole. She dipped in her paw and scooped out a fish!

My review:

Not really a fan of this story. It’s just, well … there. It’s quite boring and has nothing to it, although thinking about it, what with this being the case, Max may fall asleep sooner rather than later. My thought is it was probably written in five minutes. Seriously, Little Yum-Yum may not like this, but I will certain try reading it to him. I definitely do not recommend this story.

Vauxhall City Farm

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So, before all the snow, Little Yum-Yum and I recently took a trip to Vauxhall City Farm.

Here, he’s looking at some of the biggest rabbits we’ve ever seen.

20180214_110312 (640x480)

Of course, Teddy came along.

20180214_110709 (480x640)

This cutie came over for some food,

20180214_111016 (640x578)

whilst the pigs decided to take a nap.



This is Max’s third visit, but this protruding cow’s bottom never ceases to amuse him. It is in fact a donation box for coins. He kept feeding coins into it, whilst smiling or grinning and asking for more.

20180214_112631 (545x640)

There was an unexpected announcement that there would be a Petting Session. Only six children were allowed in at a time, and Max was one of the first.

He petted a ferret,

20180214_112715 (480x640)

a rabbit,

20180214_112815 (480x640)

and last but not least, a chicken.

We love this place. The animals are well taken care of and have plenty of space to roam around. The staff are helpful and friendly. I’m sure we’ll be visiting again soon.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

20180301_082133 (480x640)

To celebrate World Book Day yesterday (1st March), children were invited to dress up as book characters.

Little Yum-Yum went to school as the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

20180301_082150 (480x640)

He even had a tail,

20180301_084348 (480x640)

which looked funny as it stuck out from underneath his coat!

20180301_084349 (480x640)

He wore the mask all the way to school. En-route, people were commenting, “Look at that fox!”. Max loved all the attention he received.