An Alligator Walking Down the Street?

20171104_141151 (480x640)

Have you ever seen an alligator walking down the street, wearing wellington boots and a jacket?

20171104_141208 (480x640)

I’m guessing not, but there’s a first time for everything!

Little Yum-Yum never fails to make me laugh. A very entertaining little boy.

Who Is This?

20171104_094359 (436x640)

Who is this?

20171104_094329 (395x640)

Looks a little familiar sideways…

20171104_094438 (520x640)

Ah! It’s Master Maximus wearing his new Alligator Face Fleece hooded onesie! Now he won’t stop wearing it. Even when we’re going to the shop he wants to wear it! Oh, boy…