Racing Jellyfish

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Take a deep breath! We’re taking a plunge into the ocean, in the search for some incredible underwater creatures. Pop your jellyfish on a window to display and then race your new underwater friends! Which one do you think will win?

~ Toucan Box

Toucan Box Theme: Racing Jellyfish.

Little Yum-Yum was delighted to start creating again with his backlog of Toucan Box’s.

In this box was material to make a couple of jellyfishes from card, dot stickers, ribbons and a straw.

After much cutting, sticking and threading, the finished products turned out great! Max insisted on posing with them.

racing jellyfish 6 (463x640)

Other activities included,

racing jellyfish 7 (640x442)

The Great Jellyfish Race,

racing jellyfish 8 (640x465)

Fill In The Ocean,

racing jellyfish 9 (640x459)

Colour It In,

racing jellyfish 10 (640x462)

Seaweed Maze and Odd Fish Out.

racing jellyfish 11 (640x480)

There was also a recipe for Crab Puffs.

racing jellyfish 12 (640x473)

Lastly, there were Deep Blue Sea and Fish Aquarium activities.

Snow White

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Princess Snow White, skin like snow,
Has a stepmum, long ago.
Every night, this queen would call
To her mirror on the wall:
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?”

A fun retelling of the story of Snow White. Share the story and the learning activities with your child to encourage their reading and reinforce their learning of phonics. ~ Nick Page, Author

My review:

Which child does not like rhyming books?! A classic story retold in a fun way, which also highlights key sounds using phonics. It also includes charts at the back such as Rhyming Words, Letters Together, along with a Picture Dictionary.

Gone Fishing

20180422_144508 (585x640)

Whilst playing in the garden, I noticed Little Yum-Yum concentrating on hard something; something I couldn’t figure out. I approached him and asked what it was he was doing. “I’m fishing, mummy!” he said with a broad smile on his face. He had made a fishing rod from a strip of a long dry leaf.

20180422_144511 (600x640)

I then asked him if he had caught anything, by which he replied he had caught a fish. The fish being a flower which had dried out, that he had simply attached to the ‘rod’. I so enjoy watching this little one at play.

Little Bear’s Close Encounter

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Little Bear looked up at the stars. “I wish I was an astronaut”, he sighed. Little Bear dreamed of exploring the world outside the window. He liked living in Emma’s bedroom, but he sometimes wondered what it would be like to climb a mountain or go deep-sea diving. Most of all, Little Bear longed to meet an alien.

My review:

This cute story reminds me of Little Yum-Yum. He too, wants to be an astronaut and is just as curious as this Little Bear character about other things. A lovely, feel good bedtime story, which is sure to leave a smile on any child’s face.