Black History Month

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Throughout the month of October, the school in which my son attends, will be celebrating Black History Month.

As a child, I had to educate myself on this, so I am very grateful it is in the school curriculum. Although if it wasn’t, I would make sure he was/is aware of part of his heritage; Little Yum-Yum is half black after all.

The banner outside the school is huge! It’s beautiful. It’s so precious as it was made by little hands attending this school.


Attendance & Punctuality

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Four weeks into the first school term, Max’s class, RF has won the ‘Speedy the Early Bird’ award for the second time.

To be honest, I think they just alternate the two Reception classes, but I think it is a great initiative for children and parents alike to want to get to school early or on time.

Sam Who Went to Sea

Sam Who Went to Sea

Sam, the river rat, dreams of going to sea. Day and night, whatever he’s doing, his thoughts turned seaward. So, when he sees a chance to build his own boat, he is determined to take it, no matter what anyone else may say…

My review:

I felt the books end could have been better. It doesn’t feel like it’s finished… something is missing. Other than that, it was lovely that Sam followed his dream and was happy in doing so.

Ahoy Maximus!

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A little while ago, Max and I saw a commercial for Toucan Box. He wouldn’t stop asking for it, so now he receives them fortnightly. Each box contains a different theme.

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Checking the contents inside,

20170823_181832 (640x417)

this box was about pirates.

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After leaving the teabag in water for a little while, Max went straight into making the treasure map.

20170823_192023 (640x480)

He stuck the stickers provided where he wanted to complete the look.

20170823_184608 (490x640)

This was followed by creating the parrot,

20170823_192034 (480x640)

which he then covered in feathers. It now features on a wall in our home.


A Recipe for Bedtime

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Baby, baby soft and sweet,
Almost good enough to eat!
It’s night-night time so come with me,
And hear my bedtime recipe.

A classic baby bedtime book with a perfect lullaby ending.

‘A brilliant bedtime story.’ ~ Guardian

My Review:

I must say, I was not expecting this book to so adorable! It rhymes, which is a hit with most children, so this is definitely a plus. And don’t worry; no children are eaten, although from the description, I thought that was indeed the case. Absolutely delightful.

Little Beaver and the Echo

Little Beaver and the Echo

Little Beaver lives all alone by the edge of the pond. He has no family and he has no friends. He’s a very sad ans lonely little beaver. But one day, when he starts to cry,, he hears someone else crying too, om the other side of the pond… So begins his touching quest for a friend.

“Gets the mixture, for the child and adult, exactly right and is a story of enormous charm.” ~ The Sunday Times