The New Favourite Superhero is…

20171125_134313 (637x640)


Out of the blue, Little Yum-Yum has decided this is now his favourite character. But it doesn’t stop there… He says he IS Spider-Man.

We popped to the shop, he spotted this magazine and wouldn’t leave without it.

20171125_134336 (488x640)

It came with a window crawler, which entertained him for hours.

I guess that’s it. I have to admit Maximus is growing up. He’s no longer interested in programmes he used to watch because he’s a “big boy now”.  My goodness, he’s five years old in a couple of weeks, and I’m here wondering where the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday I had my Little Yum-Yum.


“We Are Camels” Costume

So… as Max is a camel in his upcoming Christmas Nativity, I was responsible for proving a pair of black bottoms/pants and a mustard yellow top. I couldn’t find the latter, but I did find a camel costume!

It’s even got colourful humps on the back!

I was having a chat with the mothers of the other children who are camels. They too, have bought this costume. They are going to look so cute!

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I Want a Cuddle!

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Little Rabbit needs a cuddle – quick! – so off she sets off through the forest to find the perfect hug. But some cuddles are too prickly and some are too tickly, so just who will give her the hug she needs?

A warm story in which Little Rabbit discovers that everyone needs a cuddle at times – even little foxes!

My review:

What can I say? This book has the cutest little characters who are willing to give Little Rabbit a hug as she hurt her paw whilst playing. However, some hugs were not quite right, so she made her way home to get the best hug of all… from her mum! Wonderful child/parent bedtime story.

InnoTab Max

20171114_184829 (480x640)

I bought Little Yum-Yum an InnoTab Max a little while ago. I had forgotten about it until recently when I (re)discovered it.

A fun way to learn, he uses his ‘tablet’ (as he calls it) for various activities. On this occasion, he was using it to help with sums. The characters Cody and Cora are at the beach, when each sees a different number of crabs, sea turtles, shells and so forth. Once each group has been counted, Maximus must then add the two amounts together, then select the right total from the multiple choice option.

He got all the sums right by using his fingers to count.

Maximus now uses his ‘tablet’ everyday, completing activities without me having to tell him to do so. An ingenious device!

“We Are Camels”

20171122_202900 (480x640)

Little Yum-Yum is practising his lines for the Christmas Nativity in school.

He’s a camel!

20171122_202923 (480x640)

Camel 1 to be precise.

He has five lines to remember (excluding songs), and he’s doing quite well.

20171122_203021 (480x640)

Little Yum-Yum is very excited! The way he sings the ‘We Are Camels’ song is too cute. The enthusiasm and massive smiles are priceless.

There are two performances, one on the 5th December; the other on the 6th. I was hoping to attend both, but parents/carers are only allowed to attend one of the days. Hopefully, I will be able to record it.

Hooray for Harry

20171121_124726 (591x640)

“Oh!” says Harry. “My blanket has gone!”. Where, oh where did he put it?

With a little help from his friends Ted and Lulu, maybe Harry will remember…

My review:

This story reminds me of Little Yum-Yum and his beloved Teddy.

The unlikely friends retrace their steps to find Harry’s fluffy blanket, which is believed to be lost. He can’t sleep without it! At the end of an eventful day, they manage to find the blanket, and snuggle together for a much need nap. Lovely bedtime story.