Madame Tussauds

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As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the children have been learning about Superheroes.¬†Little Yum-Yum and his class went on a school trip to Madame Tussauds to see them in person! Well, the waxworks, but it is still a wonderful experience.

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According to the website (which is where I got these screenshots from), there will be a number of well known characters available, which I’m sure will capture the children’s attention at all times.

Screenshot_20180207-102002 (640x487)

Screenshot_20180207-102010 (640x491)

Screenshot_20180207-102018 (640x493)

I volunteered to go, as the children were going by public transport, so I wanted to keep an eye on Max. It’s the first time he’s gone anywhere without me. Even at preschool I managed to go on the trips with him. However, I was denied the privilege. “They have to learn to be independent”.

I did think to purchase a ticket and hide behind the figures – just so I could see for myself the trip was running smoothly. Instead, I waited for the trip to be over, and called the school to see if they had arrived back safely.



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Over the past few weeks, the children in school (Reception) have been learning all about Superheroes.

So far, Little Yum-Yum has made a Batman Badge,

20180207_095327 (640x396)

a Hulk Hat,

20180207_095404 (640x404)

and a Cat Woman Hat.

Next stop, Madame Tussauds!

The Dye Butterfly

20180114_144046 (640x372)

Toucan Box Theme: The Dye Butterfly.

Master Maximus wastes no time with drawing patterns on the coffee filter paper, which will be the butterfly’s wings.

20180114_145458 (480x640)

Once he’s finished, the filter is folded into a cone shape, and the tip is placed into a glass of shallow water. Max watched in fascination as the colours merged.

20180114_150058 (640x381)

After being left to dry,

20180114_164852 (480x640)

it was time to make the butterfly. Little Yum-Yum used a wooden clothes peg for the body.

20180114_165326 (513x640)

A pipe cleaner was used for the antennae, and he drew on the eyes and the mouth, as well as colour in the body.

20180114_165350 (640x570)

What a beautiful butterfly!

20180131_125224 (441x640)

Other activities included

20180131_125250 (640x446)

It’s Time to Start Exploring Colour and Colour Mix,

20180131_125318 (640x449)

and Colour Match.

20180131_125342 (640x448)

Also, Colour by Numbers,

20180131_125408 (640x443)

Butterfly Buddies and Ice Cream Patterns,

20180131_125424 (640x471)

Colourful Cupakes

20180131_125438 (640x440)

and last but not least, Colour Game.

A Bed of Your Own

20180205_132903 (617x640)

This is the story of Suzy Sue, ready for bed, just like you!

But then she finds a cow, a horse, a sheep and a goat all fighting for her space in her bed! Will she ever get to sleep?

My review:

Fabulous rhyming book which puts a smile on your face! The illustrations are delightful, as well as the story itself. I didn’t think it was possible for so many beings to try and snuggle down in one bed! Any child would love this book.

Getting Ready for School

20180129_071917 (640x532)

… Not! This is Little Yum-Yum most school day mornings. He talks about Megazords and Power Rangers in his sleep, and tries to hide under the covers when I try to wake him up. When he does finally get up, the first thing he says is “I want breakfast!” or “Love you, mummy”.

Definitely amusing, but can be quite challenging, as he has no sense of time. Not quite sure what to do to get him moving!

Did You Know?

150754-120-F5A7474C (640x480)

Image from the web.

Little Yum-Yum has his own way of saying things, which no matter how much you try to help him pronounce things the right way, you are wrong. From his ‘games‘ he recently received for his Inno Tab Max, he discovered two iconic statues from around the world.

Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, is now called¬†‘Baby Jesus’. Having been at the foot of this amazing statue myself (it truly is breathtaking), I told him the correct name. However, he told me I was wrong. Now lovely folk, tell me … does this look like a baby Jesus?!

Statue of Liberty New York (640x400)

Image from the web.

The Statue of Liberty is now called ‘The Statue of Liverty‘. Once again, I attempted to explain there is a letter ‘b’ not a ‘v’ in the word liberty. Master Maximus is adamant I am wrong, so I’m just going to mind my own business from now on!