Picture Holder

20180426_131234_LI (480x640)

Yesterday, I proudly collected this picture holder Little Yum-Yum decorated in school – with red (his favourite) being the main colour, of course! It came complete with a cute photo of him smiling whilst holding a flower.

I have run out of space for everything – walls, table tops – I need to move just to house his creations!


20180405_130108 (640x480)

During the two week Easter break, Little Yum-Yum and I didn’t really get up to much. The weather was terrible and we we’re both unwell.

After trying to find ready mixed paints for months (why is it so difficult these days?), we got lucky when we found some in a shop nearby.

Along with some nature stickers, Max created the most colourful picture to date! Of course we will find room (somewhere, somehow) on a wall, and add this to his many other pieces of artwork.


20180329_111047 (475x640)

When Little Yum-Yum showed me this drawing, I asked him to explain who or what the character was. “It’s a Postoloster!”.

Confused? So was I.

20180329_111100 (480x640)

He even asked me to help him spell and write the name.

Could someone please help me out, by telling me what exactly is a Postoloster? I’d be most grateful!