Stone Sculpture

max & monument (508x640)

Every Saturday on our way to Kumon and back home again, Little Yum-Yum and I pass this sculpture.

Not quite sure what it’s supposed to be, but it now sits where a lovely water fountain used to be. I remember it being there when I was going to school, so I’m not sure why it has been decided to replace it. Maybe to save on water, as Londoners are once again, on a hosepipe ban.

Max being Max is curious about pretty much any and everything, so actually went up to it to touch it on this occasion. Unfortunately, there is no write up about it, so I cannot say what it’s supposed to be.

One thing Max and I really do love about London, are the random things which seem to pop up out of nowhere!

9 thoughts on “Stone Sculpture

  1. Terrigirl2018 says:

    its a great sculpture and landmark for Max to look for Persia!! I am guessing they want to save on water , Are you still in a heatwave ? Its great that Max is curious, I know my bys would be trying to climb to the top if they were there . Take care , hugs, Terri xo .

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    • Persia says:

      It really is. The sculpture reminds him where he is. Yes, the heatwave has been intense. Grass has been burnt, so there’s no need to mow the lawn. Thankfully, it gas cooled down over the past couple of days. I think Max and your boys need to meet! Lots of love, P. xx


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