Recently, I signed Little Yum-Yum up to Kumon for extra maths and English lessons.

Don’t get me wrong; he’s not behind for his age, but I did this because I don’t like the teachings in mainstream schools. I guess where I perhaps went wrong was enrolling Max into a private preschool. There, he excelled and I was extremely happy with his developments. However, private school fees are so much higher than that of preschool, so it is unfortunate that my budget could not cover such an expense.

Since starting mainstream school in September last year, I feel his full potential is not being acknowledged.  I feel he is somewhat being kept back. For example, he knew how to spell a number of words by the time he left preschool. His teachers and myself worked hard with him to ensure this was the case. The word ‘this’ was spelt as normal. Yet, a few months ago, when I randomly asked him to spell it, he sounded it instead “ter-hur-ie-sss”. I thought “What in the world is this?!”. Anyway, I asked him again, and he did the same thing. When I asked him to say the letters, he couldn’t remember what they were. This is because the children are being taught how to read and spell using phonics. In my opinion, it is a dumb decision, and I think parents should be able to choose how their children are taught, because I had to re-teach him all over again.

When I brought up this issue at Parents Evening, I was was brushed off. Being me, I continued with what I had to say, and the teacher finally caved in telling me that Maximus “can cope with both, so it’s OK to learn phonics as well as the old fashioned way”. When did it get to the point a complete stranger could and can tell you how to raise your child and what to say to you child? What is this phonics nonsense?

So this, as well as other reasons are why I enrolled Max onto Kumon. He is not allowed to use phonics, a calculator, or Google (lol). He must work everything out using just one powerful tool; his brain.

I’m open for discussions on this. Please, let me know your thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Kumon

  1. derrickjknight says:

    I wonder if this is the phonetic alphabet reincarnated. Our middle two, Matthew and Becky, were taught this method when it was all the fashion in the ’70s. It was disastrous, and Matthew never really recovered from it. If Max can’t remember what the letters are, that gives the lie to the teacher’s observation that he can cope with both. This is an awful problem for any parent


    • Persia says:

      It probably is, Derrick … and I’m really not happy about it. I’m sorry your children went through it; I had no idea the educational system had been trying to do this since the 70s! It was disastrous then and it’s disastrous now. Regarding the teacher’s observation; I think she said what she did simply because I would not back down. As a child (I’m now 42), I never experienced this style of teaching – and I’m very grateful. I guess the only thing I can do is what I’m doing at the moment with the resources I have – pay for extra lessons for the two main subjects and go from there. Thank you for your comment, Derrick.

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