Owl Lantern

20180318_151836 (640x408)

Toucan Box theme: Owl Lantern.

Twit-twooo! If you go down to the woods tonight, you may hear a hoot or two in the trees. That would be the owls coming out to play! Your little owl is very special. Click the glow stick and drop it into your lantern, the switch all the lights off. What can you see? Owls can see in the dark. And thanks to your new lantern, now you can, too!

~ Toucan Box

20180318_152038 (640x480)

Little Yum-Yum drew some ‘feathers’ onto the owl’s body in his favourite colour – red.

20180318_152231 (501x640)

Next, he made the big eyes,

20180318_152758 (480x640)

and finally the beak.

With the lantern almost complete, there was only one thing left for him to do …

20180318_152916 (506x640)

add the glow stick and to strike a pose.

20180318_153005 (457x640)

A close up with the lights off.

20180318_153114 (436x640)

Other activities included,

20180318_153126 (640x473)

Sssh … Did You Hear That Noise? and In The Shadows,

20180318_153141 (640x471)

Spot the Difference,

20180318_153150 (640x467)

and Colour It In.

20180318_153201 (640x472)

Also, Owl By Myself,

20180318_153210 (640x470)

cute Owl Crackers and finally,

20180318_153220 (640x468)

Glow-In-The-Dark Fireflies.

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