Spring is in the Air

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Ah, yes. Spring is in the air at last, and Little Yum-Yum knows it.

“Plants need sun and water to grow.”, he said randomly. So grabbed his watering can, filled it with water, then started watering the plants in the garden.

One of the After School Clubs Max attends is Natural Thinkers/Outdoor Learning. It’s his favourite club. He talks to me a lot about nature, and often wants me to venture out with him so he can explore.

10 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

    • Persia says:

      I’m sure he would accept! He’s forever collecting stuff, such as twigs and leaves. I had to ask him if was trying to build an indoor nest!
      I was surprised the school had this club available, but signed him up for it in an instant.


  1. weggieboy says:

    When I was a little kid, I liked sprouting avocado seeds and growing little avocado trees! I also started a catalpa tree from seed and it matured into an “adult” tree in the backyard. Now, growing cat grass and catnip are about the extent of my “gardening” since I don’t have the best place to grow any longer.

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    • Persia says:

      Oooh! Avocados! Wonderful. I think I should let Max do the same. He loves this sort of thing. Thanks, you’ve just given me an idea for the Easter Break (2 weeks). I’m assuming you have no outdoor space. That’s a shame. It’ll be the same for us when we move. Nothing wrong with growing catnip though! Meow!


      • weggieboy says:

        You can grow a rather nice sized avocado before it becomes a problem! Of course, you can prune it to contain it within your home! Here’s a how to guide, two of many:


        Be sure to change the water every other day and make sure the seed never dries out. There! Much success to Max. There is something very noble about growing something from seed, more so if it is a tree! The video shows some steps I never did that make sense. (Making sure you don’t pierce the splits, something peeling helps you avoid, for example.)

        Then, after starting your avocado, give some thought to starting your own orange tree:

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      • Persia says:

        Oh my gosh, avocados – my favourite! Do you know what you’ve done? You’ve just paved the way for me to have to enter Avocado Rehab! Loooool! I have one (or two) almost every day. The days I don’t I start to twitch!
        I think Max and I will try oranges as well. Thank you so much for these links. Watch this space …
        (By the way, did you notice this dude bites his nails on only his right hand?! Eww!).

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