Flower Bouquet

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Toucan Box theme: Flower Bouquet.

Who doesn’t like to receive flowers? And they’re even more special when you’ve made your own bouquet. Once you have decorated your flowers, decide who you would like to give them to. Is there a special someone you want to say thank you to, or tell them how much you care? You could even add a special note to your flowers. Let’s see if you can make someone smile!

~ Toucan Box

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To get started, coloured cupcake liners were used for the petals, whilst coloured pipe cleaners were used for the stems.

Little Yum-Yum at work.

20180311_141338 (640x480)

almost complete …

20180311_141843 (480x640)

Here is a proud Max with his bouquet.

20180311_142009 (480x640)

After a short moment, he remembered about the butterfly he made, went off to get it, and posed with his creations.

20180311_142435 (463x640)

Other activities included,

20180311_142448 (640x472)

Flower Power,

20180311_142503 (640x471)

and Bean Plants

which we have still yet to plant, and for Max to write what he sees as the beans are growing.

20180311_142539 (640x472)

Also, Parts of a Plant and Back at the Beanstalk.

20180311_142549 (640x474)

And lastly, Heavy Petal.

In the end, Max gave me the bouquet but said we must share it as he loves it so much.

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