Nature Bag

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Toucan Box Theme: Nature Bag.

This week we’re exploring the great outdoors. So first let’s create and decorate your nature bag, before you pick up your bingo card and go exploring. What will you find?

~ Toucan Box

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Little Yum-Yum gets busy with the dye for the bag, by brushing water on coloured tissue paper.

20180225_135459 (768x1024) (480x640)

Next, he inserted the empty Toucan Box inside the bag, so the dye wouldn’t go through to the other side,

20180225_135548 (721x1024) (451x640)

then he pressed as hard as he could,

20180225_135736(0) (910x1024) (569x640)

which provided this result.

20180225_141413 (818x1024) (511x640)

Master Maximus did not want to wait for it to dry naturally, so I put it on the heater to speed up the process.

He used the stencil provided to draw and colour a flower in first,

20180225_141857 (862x1024) (539x640)

followed by a leaf, an acorn and a paw print. Now he’s ready to collect things as he explores the great outdoors. I hope he doesn’t try to put a squirrel in his bag; he keeps telling me he wants one as a pet …

20180225_142026 (706x1024) (441x640)

Other activities included,

20180225_142036 (1024x777) (640x486)

encouragement to explore and Recycle,

20180225_142046 (1024x758) (640x474)

Leaf People and Leaf Rubbing.

20180225_142059 (1024x745) (640x466)

As well as Nature Spot,

20180225_142110 (1024x751) (640x469)

Tree Rings and Blazing Paddles,

20180225_142120 (1024x748) (640x468)

and Jewelled Acorns.

20180225_142129 (1024x749) (640x468)

The game Forest Race was fun. Of course Max won and was very pleased about it.

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