Just One More Swim!

20180208_105022 (480x640)

Big Bear stood up and sniffed the air, then lumbered out toward the water. Her cubs scampered after her, blinking at the dazzling world. Big Bear padded across the ice. She stopped and dug a hole. She dipped in her paw and scooped out a fish!

My review:

Not really a fan of this story. It’s just, well … there. It’s quite boring and has nothing to it, although thinking about it, what with this being the case, Max may fall asleep sooner rather than later. My thought is it was probably written in five minutes. Seriously, Little Yum-Yum may not like this, but I will certain try reading it to him. I definitely do not recommend this story.

5 thoughts on “Just One More Swim!

    • Persia says:

      Generally, if I don’t think I like the book, I’ll read it again, perhaps in a different way. Then, more often than not, change my mind. Not this time. I just couldn’t for this dreary story!

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