Dinosaur Tail & Mask

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Toucan Box Theme: Dinosaur Tail & Mask.

Stomp. Stop. STOMP. What is that sound? Can you hear it? We have travelled back in time to a PREHISTORIC land. And there is something stomping behind us … We’ve reached the land of dinosaurs!I hope you’re very excited to make your very own dino tail. The big question is, What dinosaur are you going to be?

~ Toucan Box

20180215_145159 (480x640)

As always, Little Yum-Yum gets straight to it.

He decorates the tail first, sticking here and sticking there.

20180215_151123 (480x640)

With the tail now complete,

it was time to cut out the mask and to wear them both.

20180215_152652 (452x640)

Activities included,

20180215_152735 (640x477)

Welcome to a Time When Dinosaurs Rules the Earth and Find the T-Rexes,

20180215_152746 (640x472)

Dino Feathers and Track the Dinosaur.

20180215_152753 (640x466)

Also, Colour It In,

20180215_152802 (640x458)

Dino Match,

20180215_152813 (640x458)

Scaly Dino Pasta,

20180215_152821 (640x469)

and Clever Girl.

Max was so pleased when he opened this box after going to The Natural History Museum. And so the dinosaur theme continues!

7 thoughts on “Dinosaur Tail & Mask

  1. weggieboy says:

    That seems to be an excellent activities pack Max gets regularly! I would have enjoyed those a lot as a child, and I think every parent would as well for the fun their kids get of them!

    Liked by 1 person

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