I’m Dreaming of a White … February

20180228_070755 (570x640)

Just when we thought we had seen the heaviest snow fall in years yesterday, we woke up to this.

20180228_082550 (480x640)

Little Yum-Yum was even more eager to go to school, as he wanted to get out and about in the snow. This is the most he had ever seen, so as you can imagine he was very, very excited about it.

20180228_082610 (480x640)

Wearing his wellies,

20180228_082628 (480x640)

he went on a mission to find undisturbed patches of snow, so he could be the first to leave footprints.

20180228_084124 (480x640)

A cute pose for the camera,

20180228_084126 (480x640)

and a little dance for the snow.

We had a snowball fight. By this, I mean he threw snowballs at me. I ran screaming into the school gates as he was chasing me, and people just laughed. Of course, Max was cackling by this point.

20180228_092132 (480x640)

Max wants to build a snowman when he gets home. He normally attends after school clubs Monday to Thursday, but I think I’ll pick him up straight after normal school hours today … just in case the snow starts to melt sooner rather than later, to increase the chances of his wish coming true.

16 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White … February

  1. weggieboy says:


    One of the most fun times I had since becoming an adult was when I had an opportunity to show a Palestinian friend of mine how to make a snow angel so he could show his little girl and boy (new to the world of snow) how to have fun making their own snow angels!

    I bet Maximus could make a fine one and have fun showing his little friends how to make their own!

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