The Natural History Museum

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During the half term break last week, Little Yum-Yum and I made the most of his time off school.

He loves dinosaurs (his new craze), and asked me to take him somewhere where he could see some. So we went to the Natural History Museum. Three tube rides later,

20180212_111219 (480x640)

we finally got there. Boy, was it crowded! I had to carry Max out of the tube station due to the sheer number of people.

20180212_113805 (480x640)

First stop was this moving – yes, moving T-Tex. I almost passed out, but Master Maximus wanted to get closer.

He was on his own with this idea, but took pictures …Ā  at a distance. The lighting changed which didn’t help. In my defence, the thing was huge! (Ha!). I didn’t know what to expect.

20180212_114755 (480x640)

As we moved on, this head hung from the ceiling.

20180212_115329 (480x640)

We came across these two ‘creatures’ looking like a cross between a dinosaur and a critter from the 1986 movie, Critters.

20180212_115424 (480x640)

These moved too, just like the T-Rex. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful for the zoom feature on my phone …

20180212_115554 (480x640)

Moving on, Max posed by various displays,

20180212_121341 (480x640)

and made his way back to his favourite.

20180212_121835 (480x640)

There wasn’t just dinosaurs on display either.

20180212_122425 (640x480)

We decided to go upstairs to take a look from the balcony. Is this the craziest mouth you’ve ever seen on a hippo, or what?!

20180212_122512 (640x480)

A different point of view.

20180212_122717 (480x640)

More displays hanging from the ceiling. This whale was ginormous!

20180212_122023 (640x480)

A quick trip back downstairs so Max could get a closer look. The facial expression is for the hippo’s mouth.

20180212_122721 (480x640)

Back upstairs, more suspended from the ceiling,

20180212_122729 (640x480)

to include this. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a description/write up for it.

20180212_123419 (480x640)

After popping into the gift shop (hence the reason he is now wearing a bag and carrying a container), he posed some more. Just saying … Max conveniently left his money at home.

20180212_123620 (480x640)

Look at his happy face!

20180212_123517 (480x640)

Just checking all is well behind him …

20180212_123533 (480x640)

A quick, but nervous pose.

Of all the things he saw, he was worried about a giraffe!!

13 thoughts on “The Natural History Museum

    • Persia says:

      Thank you! I’m sure you would – there’s a lot to see. I believe education is so important, but should also be fun (at times). The Easter break is coming up. I need to find more things for him to do. Wish me luck! šŸ¤¦šŸ¾

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